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There are apparently disagreements about the Hamburg vaccination strategy. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVH) had declared that the second dose of vaccination was no longer kept in order to be able to vaccinate more quickly. The social welfare authority contradicts this meanwhile.

According to the social authority, the previous vaccination strategy will remain for the time being. Your goal is the greatest possible planning security. This means that if the city receives 1,000 doses of vaccine, only 500 people will be vaccinated. The other half remains in the camp for the second vaccination after three to four weeks. Because the deliveries are not yet as reliable as originally intended. Therefore, it still needs a buffer, said authority spokesman Martin Helfrich on Tuesday NDR 90.3. Only when the deliveries work better should the second vaccine dose no longer be withheld – then what is there will be vaccinated.

Plassmann: Second vaccine dose is not withheld

KVH boss Plassmann: Have to revise vaccination strategy.

KVH’s chairman of the board, Walter Plassmann, had previously said on the TV station Hamburg 1 on Monday that the second dose of vaccine that every vaccinated person should receive after a few weeks would no longer be kept so that more people could be vaccinated. “When we start the second vaccination at the end of January, we must hope that we will have received the new vaccine by then.” According to a decision by the federal and state governments, all over 80-year-olds in nursing and old people’s homes should be vaccinated by mid-February, said Plassmann. “This meant that we had to significantly revise our vaccination strategy in Hamburg. We now have to vaccinate all other doses in the homes, with the exception of the 500 vaccinations that we can carry out daily in the vaccination center.”

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Moderna vaccine is delivered

Meanwhile, the arrival of the second vaccine from the US manufacturer Moderna, which is now being delivered to the federal states, provides some relief. Hamburg will initially receive around 1,200 vaccination doses, which are supplied to hospitals. In the nursing homes and in the vaccination center in the exhibition halls, the vaccines from Biontech and Pfizer remain.

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