Consumers vote: Seitenbacher has “sham package of the year”


750 instead of 1000 grams and then the price per pack has also increased: With this, Seitenbacher has secured the title of “Fake Pack of the Year 2020” for its “Frucht Müsli”. This is followed by rejected Milka.

 The  “Frucht Müsli” from Seitenbacher has been chosen by the Hamburg consumer center as the “sham package of the year 2020”. More than half of the 21,409 votes cast (54.5 percent) had voted in favor, said the consumer advice center.

According to consumer advocates, the filling quantity has recently been reduced, the recipe is “virtually identical” – nevertheless the muesli is being marketed as new and consumers pay up to 75 percent more, depending on the supermarket.

Only honey is new on the list of ingredients

Seitenbacher had claimed to the Hamburg consumer center that a new product had been introduced with the “fruit muesli”. But the list of ingredients for the breakfast cereal was almost identical to that of the cheaper predecessor product, explained the consumer center. Only a small amount of honey is new on the list of ingredients. © The  “fruit muesli” is no longer supposed to be produced.

In second place (18.8 percent) came Milka’s Easter bunny and Mondelez’s Santa Claus, followed by the popular children’s chocolate from Ferrero (18.5 percent). Here too, consumer advocates denounced opaque price increases. 4.3 percent of those who voted voted for the Whiskas crispy pockets from Mars and 3.9 percent for the Bifi mini salami from Jack Link’s.

Around 3,000 complaints were received

In 2020, around 3,000 complaints about fraudulent packaging were received by the Hamburg consumer center. For over 17 years, the Hamburg consumer advocates have kept a nationwide unique sham packaging list with hidden price increases based on consumer complaints.

© The  consumer association warned that “trickery” such as hidden price increases are “barely noticeable during normal shopping” for consumers. A transparency platform, for example, would help, in which the manufacturers must report reductions in fill quantities in advance.

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Consumers vote Seitenbacher sham package year


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