Conversation with a Trump fan – “The police didn’t stop me from marching into the Capitol”



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The “Patriot” Brian Cash was there when the Congress was attacked in Washington – and tells our reporter how “great” it was.

“Great. We made history »: Brian Cash (52) and his mother.

Photo: Jan Christoph Wiechmann

Brian Cash is not one who would call himself a white nationalist, an insurgent or a gun fanatic or a conspiracy theorist and certainly not a terrorist – all the names that are currently being used on CNN for him and his friends.

He is a paver from the state of Michigan, 52 years old, three children, “from the middle of the people”, as he calls it, “a normal American”, “a proud patriot” and yes – an ardent Trump supporter found his belief late in life: the system is rigged against workers and common people. The powerful elites in the country are dominated by leftists, pedophiles and satanists. And Donald Trump may not be a saint, but a savior, against whom the left elites have just carried out a coup d’état due to electoral fraud.

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Conversation Trump fan police didnt stop marching Capitol


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