Corona chicane at customs: You have to show an intimate photo to enter Germany


A man was harassed by customs officers at the German-Swiss border.

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A man from Switzerland wants to visit his partner in Germany. Despite the signed confirmation of the relationship, he is only allowed to enter when he shows a photo from the bedroom.

  • Because of the Coronavirus*

     The re are special regulations for unmarried couples when entering Germany.

  • A man from Switzerland has now been harassed by officials at the German-Swiss border.
  • He should show an intimate photo. Now he has officially filed a complaint.

Kreuzlingen / Konstanz – For international couples Difficult conditions apply in times of the coronavirus. Does a partner live in Germany and the other abroad, they must prove that they are one serious relationship to lead. Only then is there one Entry into Germany possible. So there has to be an invitation from the partner in Germany, you have to have met in Germany beforehand and you need one Declaration signed by boththat the relationship exists.

Kushtrim K. also submitted such a confirmation when he met his partner last weekend Konstanz wanted to visit. Entry allowed in border officials on German-Swiss crossing Kreuzlingen-Konstanz but not without further ado, like the portal 20 minutes reported.

Chicane at the border crossing: German officials do not want to enter from Switzerland

Kushtrim K. reported to the portal that he would have been “bullied” by a German border official. Because the officer insisted, despite the completed relationship declaration, shared photos of the couple to sift. When asked whether this was correct and necessary, the officer said: “He yelled at me that I can go back to Switzerland if it doesn’t suit me. I was totally perplexed and was under pressure. “Before that Confirmation of the binational couple always sufficient.


 The  person concerned has Albanian roots and because of him traditional and devout family not outed as gay. ©

 The refore, he could not show any photos he shared with his friend on social media. It took him a long time to get one on his cell phone Vacation photo in Paris to find. But that was not enough for the official. “He asked for more photos,” explains Kushtrim K. But even a picture of the partner in underwear could not convince the inspector that the Entry into Germany to agree.

Entry into Germany was only permitted after showing extremely intimate photos

“I was under so much pressure that I saw no other way out than to show the customs officer a picture on which my face and my friend’s penis can be recognized,” said the man from Switzerland. Only after showing the highly intimate image the customs officer waved him through. “I feel so dirty and exposed – like I’m a Second class person.“

Now the harassed cross-border commuter wants to defend himself. He suspects that this would not have happened to a heterosexual couple in this form. He has the competent Main customs office in Singen A complaint has since been filed, as the office also confirmed to the Swiss news portal. However, the check was not carried out by a customs officer. ©

 The  German Federal Police has not yet commented.

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 The re are currently many other couples whose relationship is made more difficult by the corona requirements. (mam) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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Corona chicane customs show intimate photo enter Germany


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