Corona crisis in Berlin: an above-average number of employees of the Berlin fire department infected – Berlin


Berlin parent representatives: Home office plus childcare is not possible

Berlin parent representatives are critical of the demand for more work in the home office. “Working from home means I can not having a normal working day if I have to look after children at the same time. That doesn’t work, ”said the chairman of the state parents committee for day-care centers, Corinna Balkow, on Friday.

Im Homeoffice To work is one thing in view of the pandemic situation sensible measureto save journeys and limit contacts. Many parents, especially in cramped living conditions, are faced with major problems. “Home office and childcare is not possible with 100 percent work performance.”

That is why politicians and employers must pay more attention to the needs of families, said Balkow. She hit about additional vacation days for parents in front. This would have the advantage that, unlike in the case of the doubling of the childhood illness days per parent from 10 to 20, which has already been decided by the Bundestag accept no loss of earnings would have to.

To discuss whether too many Berlin parents use the daycare centers, although they are currently only set to emergency care, said the chairman of the parents’ committee: “We see a lot of parents who try to look after their children at home and a lot of whom this is not possible and for whom it is completely justified that they bring the child to daycare.”

 The  situation in the Berlin daycare centers, however, is very different. “© The re are certainly daycare centers with a childcare rate below 30 percent,” reported Balkow. “Individual daycare centers are sure to be full.” But she also observed that Parents be very careful and sometimes do not make full use of care services. Some parents could live with limited childcare hoursespecially if there is to compensate for vacation or, for example, a child benefit bonus give. “©

 The n fewer children would come to daycare centers every day.”


 The  federal and state governments want over on Tuesday advise possible further tightening of corona restrictions. According to the government spokesman, this includes expanding work in the home office. (dpa)

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Corona crisis Berlin aboveaverage number employees Berlin fire department infected Berlin


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