Corona crisis in Berlin: Stricter mask requirements for local transport and shopping apply from Saturday – Berlin


Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians: Less chaos in vaccination centers, missions are rarely canceled

From the point of view of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) Berlin, doctors are deployed in the vaccination centers meanwhile comparatively easy to plan. “Around the start of the vaccination on December 27th, many services had to be canceled, some at very short notice,” said KV on request.  The  reason was that there was not enough vaccine or too few registrations for vaccinations around the turn of the year. “Services now only have to be canceled in exceptional cases.

According to the health administration, it is not intended to cancel vaccination appointments due to lower delivery quantities of the Biontech vaccine. However, should fewer further vaccination appointments are agreed than initially intended. ©

 The  health administration counts according to its own information in the next two weeks with 17,550 doses less than initially expected.

Im from Vaccination center open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the arena According to the KV, 15 doctors work per shift in Treptow, with two shifts a day there. In the vaccination center in Erika-Heß-Eisstadion in Wedding, which is only open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., according to the information, there are currently 3 doctors on duty. in the Vaccination center fair is the operation started on mondayFrom the beginning of next week there will be two shifts with 15 doctors each.

For the services of doctors who have been working in the vaccination center in Treptow and in the mobile Impfteams have been canceled, the KV board has agreed with the health administration on a loss compensation from 300 euros per service informed – in the event of a cancellation up to a week before the service. If you cancel up to 48 hours in advance, it is the KV according to 500 euros. If the cancellation is even later, the remuneration for the entire service will be reimbursed 120 euros per hour. This regulation is to apply in future to all vaccination centers.

Because it was initially planned to open all six vaccination centers Vaccine quantities have been small the duty roster had to be adjusted several times, according to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. “In the meantime, the opening and operation of the vaccination centers are being adapted to the expected amount of vaccine.” more realistic planning. “KV is preparing for more vaccine at the end of February and is planning the services accordingly.”

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Corona crisis Berlin Stricter mask requirements local transport shopping apply Saturday Berlin


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