Corona crisis in Germany: School restart should take place in stages


As soon as the number of infections allows, the ministers of education want to gradually reopen the schools. However, this is not to be expected before the end of the lockdown – and it will apparently be extended until January 31.

The -ministers of education want to gradually reopen the schools as soon as the corona infection figures allow. “ If the measures decided in December 2020 are relaxed, the schools must be there from the start,” said a resolution by the Conference of Ministers of Education.

The -ministers are planning a three-stage process for the restart in schools: First, grades 1 to 6 may return to face-to-face teaching. In level two, there should then be supplementary alternating instruction at the general and vocational secondary schools from grade 7. Only a third stage provides for the full return to normal operations at all schools. There should continue to be exceptions for final classes so that their preparation for exams can be “appropriately” accompanied.

Lockdown will probably be extended

The -ministers of education make the resumption of classroom teaching dependent on a relaxation of the currently applicable lockdown. And that’s not how it looks at the moment: Chancellor Angela Merkel and the state ministers do not want to decide on the continuation of the corona measures until tomorrow. But there are signs that the lockdown will be extended to the end of January.

As the news agency dpa reports, the majority of the prime ministers have already spoken out in favor of such an extension until January 31.
The -countries led by the Union agreed on this on Sunday evening.
The -lockdown was originally supposed to end on January 10, but in view of the continued high number of infections, this date is apparently off the table.

We have to avoid full classes”

Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek had already expressed doubts about a quick return to regular school operations before today’s meeting of the Minister of Education.
The -infection numbers are “still worryingly high” and the effects of the holidays on the corona situation are still unclear. In the newspapers of the Funke media group she spoke out against “a complete return to full face-to-face teaching in all grades”.

The -situation in schools will remain difficult over the next few weeks.

The -President of the German Teachers Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, had also stated that he did not consider normal face-to-face teaching to be possible at the moment. in the ARD morning magazine he advocated alternating lessons with distance regulations, especially for primary school students, and distance learning for older age groups. “ We have to avoid full classes with this high infection rate,” said Meidinger. But he also called for the graduates to achieve a proper Abitur or intermediate school leaving certificate. “ In individual cases, exam requirements would have to be adjusted.”

At the same time, Meidinger made accusations against the school ministries. They would have made a serious mistake in the spring because they neglected to digitally upgrade the schools. “ Too little has happened in these six months,” he said.
The -effects of the lockdown on schools have been misjudged.

Students want a change model

Before the meeting of the ministers of education, the federal student conference had called for schools to be started after January 10 in an alternating model. “ We now have to prepare schools for changing models and give preference to younger pupils and graduating classes,” said the General Secretary of the Federal Schools Conference, Dario Schramm. He also called for a disadvantage compensation for the upcoming final exams.

Tagesschau24 reported on this topic on January 4th, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

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