Corona in Berlin: 1,222 new infected people, incidence of 194.7, 44 more deaths


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44 other deaths in Berlin, incidence at 194.7

Corona in Berlin – the news blog: 16,892 people are currently infected with the corona virus.  The  incidence drops to 194.7.

Will the lockdown be tightened even further?

© The  number of corona deaths in Germany is at a new high, at the same time, according to the Robert Koch Institute, citizens still offer the virus too many opportunities to spread. © The  RKI is therefore calling for the lockdown to be tightened again.

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Berlin. © The  corona virus continues to spread in Berlin. In our news blog we will keep you up to date on the current corona situation in Berlin and Brandenburg. Current information on the corona pandemic in Germany, Europe and the world can be found in this news blog.

6.38 a.m.: Berlin FDP calls for the possibility of opening shops with FFP2 masks


 The  Berlin FDP campaigns for retailers to be allowed to open their stores if there is an FFP2 mask requirement. “I advocate that the Berlin Senate set up a short-term program for the distribution of FFP2 masks,” said the FDP parliamentary group leader Sebastian Czaja. “Every retailer who undertakes to enforce an FFP2 mask requirement in his shop should also be able to reopen his shop.” According to the ideas of the FDP, the Senate should ensure that enough masks are available and also be responsible for financing.


 The  Corona measures should not rely on hardship alone, they should enable meaningful opening perspectives, argued Czaja. “In contrast to everyday masks, FFP2 masks have been proven to offer real protection and reduce the risk of infection to almost zero when worn correctly.”


 The  current “thumbscrew policy”, on the other hand, offers no perspective. “©

 The  measures are demonstrably showing little or no effect,” said Czaja. “If we continue on the path of the Federal Government and the Berlin Senate, we would have to enter a hard lockdown every three months. ©

 The  Senate must finally adopt targeted measures that work and enable freedom. “

Bavaria has announced an obligation to wear FFP2 masks in local public transport and retail, which will apply from Monday. Finance Senator Kollatz said on Tuesday that he was certain that the Senate would deal with the issue at its next meeting on Tuesday.

At the same time, the SPD politician raised concerns about such a mask requirement: Hospitals and scientists had regularly heard on the subject that FFP2 masks had to be removed after a relatively short time and that they were not easy to clean and reuse with generally accessible means said Kollatz.

6 a.m.: We start our new news blog on the corona virus in Berlin.

You can find all previous news and figures on the corona pandemic in Berlin and Brandenburg in our previous news blog.

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