Corona in Germany: Numbers are falling – but two worrying mutation reports are unsettling


While the latest RKI figures give cause for hope, the spread of the corona mutation is worrying. After the new type B 1.1.7 was detected in Flensburg, a Berlin clinic is now under quarantine.

  •  The  Corona-Mutation B.1.1.7* is on the advance in Germany.
  • After the new type was proven in Flensburg, it stands in Berlin entire hospital under quarantine.
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     The  newest RKI numbers make hope against it.

  • This news ticker for Corona situation in Germany is continuously updated.

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 The  number of new infections with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus in Germany is lower than it has been in months. With 6,729 new corona infections Within one day, which were reported by the health authorities to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) *, a clear turnaround in the number of infections can finally be seen. 217 new deaths were recorded within 24 hours, as the RKI announced on Monday morning. For comparison: last Monday there were 7,141 new infections and 214 new deaths. However, the data from Rhineland-Palatinate were only incompletely transmitted at this time. ©

 The  number of cases recorded is usually lower on Mondays, partly because fewer tests are carried out on the weekend.

As the Corona situation in the individual counties looks like this shows this interactive map.

Corona mutations in Germany – Great concern in Flensburg and Berlin

But the joy about the positive development in corona infections is clouded. Two disturbing reports are causing great uncertainty. On the one hand, the highly contagious mutation of the corona virus * B.1.1.7 in Flensburg has been proven. A city spokesman on Sunday could not say how many cases there are. ©

 The  beginning of this week was from around 30 suspected cases with the variant from Great Britain reported.

Flensburg then tightened the corona rules and published a corresponding new general decree on the city’s website on Sunday. Among other things, there has been a stricter mask requirement in busy places since Monday.

According to the spokesman, some of the cases occurred in the workforce of a company among temporary workers. But there are also some independent cases in the city in the north of Schleswig-Holstein. It is not known how those affected are doing in terms of health.


 The  variant, which is spreading rapidly in Great Britain, is, according to experts, easier to transfer. It is currently unclear whether it is possibly more deadly than the previously predominant variant *. It has already been proven in various countries, including Denmark.

Corona mutation detected in Berlin clinic – charter buses for employees

In addition, the mutation of the coronavirus is apparently also spreading in Berlin. Im Vivantes Humboldt Clinic Several infections with the dangerous British coronavirus variant have been detected in the capital. Routine screenings in the ward for internal medicine and cardiology yielded positive evidence so far 20 people. In addition to 14 patients, six employees are affected, as the clinic in the Reinickendorf district confirmed on Sunday. 50 more Patients and employees could be infected.

Berlin clinic under quarantine – admission freeze for new patients

In coordination between the clinic, the Reinickendorf Health Department and the Robert Koch Institute, the health department ordered temporary admission freeze imposed. No more patients will be admitted for the time being. ©

 The  measure is intended to contain the spread of the virus variant in Berlin. ©

 The  restriction imposed since Saturday morning applies until further notice. Emergencies are taken to other hospitals. Berlin laboratories are now specifically looking for mutations.

Corona mutation in Berlin – 1700 employees under shuttle quarantine


 The  approximately 1700 employees of the hospital are under so-called Commuting quarantine. This means that you are only allowed to travel between your home and the clinic. Driving services and shuttles are currently being organized for this purpose. ©

 The  Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) had also signaled support, it said.

Corona mutation in Germany: This is the advice of the STIKO boss

A rethinking of the vaccination strategy * because of the corona mutations keeps Prof. Dr. Thomas Mertens, the chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO), is currently still premature. As he said in the ZDF * morning magazine, in his opinion biological tests are first necessary. However, this would take more time. That is why he sees keeping one’s distance as an important opportunity in the fight against the spread. “Basically we can only do what we have been doing up to now. We just have to do it more consistently, ”said Mertens in an interview with Dunja Hayali. ©

 The  previous measures had to be taken even more seriously, in individual cases one had to keep a greater distance, said Mertens. (va) * and are part of the Ippen-Digital network

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Corona Germany Numbers falling worrying mutation reports unsettling


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