Corona in Germany: When the vaccination problem could be solved


 The  novel corona virus has been rampant for more than a year. And without widespread vaccinations, there is no quick end in sight. However, by the summer at the latest, the situation in Germany should ease. This is what Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) promised. ©

 The n there should be enough vaccine in this country to offer everyone a vaccination offer. But will Spahn be able to keep this promise?

It could well work, because the government has several trump cards in hand. According to a paper by the Federal Ministry of Health dated January 4, more than 200 million doses of vaccine are to be delivered to Germany by the third quarter. More than 100 million people could be vaccinated with it. However, only 83 million people live in Germany.

But even if there were delivery problems and only half as many doses were available, it would still be possible that there would still be enough vaccine. Because not everyone wants or can be vaccinated. An adapted vaccination strategy also offers additional leeway.

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Corona Germany vaccination problem solved


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