Corona in Hamm: Again slight increase in the number of cases – incidence up ten points


 The  new infections recorded in Hamm are slightly higher again on Saturday.

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© The  city presented its current figures on the corona pandemic on Saturday. ©

 The re is another death.

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 The  health department of the city of Hamm recorded 41 new infection reports within 24 hours. This means that 367 people in the city are considered acutely infected. (News about the coronavirus in Hamm)

city Hamm
area 226,3 km²
population 179,859 (January 2020)


 The  city recorded another death, bringing the total number of people who died in Hamm in connection with a Covid 19 infection to 133.

  • One man (over 80) died on January 12th. He was considered to be ill.

Coronavirus in Hamm: New infections slightly higher again

Overall, the develop Corona case numbers in Hamm still positive. 188 of the 367 acutely infected people are female, 179 are male.


 The  number of New infections at 43 is 17 higher than on Friday. Nevertheless, this value is still well below the shockingly high numbers in November and December.

13 of the new infections presumably occurred within the circle of family and friends. Eleven victims were already in quarantinewhen they received their positive corona result. Five infections apparently occurred in a senior citizen facility. In 23 cases Chain of infection still unclear (four people already in quarantine).


 The  RKI-Incidence value (New infections with the corona virus per 100,000 inhabitants in seven calendar days) for Hamm rose again on, it is enclosed on Saturday 145,6 (+ 10.5 points).

Coronavirus in Hamm: Fewer infected people in the hospital

Im hospital are currently 39 people because of a Covid-19-Disease treated as an inpatient (0). Eight of them lie on the Intensive care unit (0). Six men (one over 60, three over 70, two over 80) and two women (both over 80 years old) are affected. ©

 The  figures given here for the intensive care units only apply to people from Hamm, the total number of those treated in Hamm is likely to be higher.

When Recovered there are now 5,208 people in Hamm (+30). 2,786 female, 2,422 male. In quarantine there are currently 612 people (- 51) – the acutely infected are not included. 26,108 people in Hamm (+65) have now been released from this observation.

26,476 samples have been taken from the city’s Corona mobiles and at the Alfred-Fischer-Halle test center since the pandemic began (+81). About family doctors and Rapid tests however, there are many.

Quick test results are not included in the city’s statistics in consultation with the State Center for Health (LZG) (this is also how the Robert Koch Institute / RKI handles it). However: with all positive rapid test results however, PCR tests are carried out afterwards: If this is the case is positive, the case is included in the official statistics.

Corona in Hamm – that’s what readers are currently interested in:

  • What can or must I do at the moment? And what not? We have the most important Corona rules picked out and processed them with special aspects for Hamm.
  • A fine of 2500 euros threatens the person in Hamm who deals with more than five people from two households meets at home. Apparently quite an aerial number.
  • Since the end of December, there has also been a fight against the corona virus in Hamm vaccinated. ©

     The re is now news about how things will continue for all those willing to vaccinate who do not live in nursing homes.

  • ©

     The  adverse corona conditions only play each other in small steps schools a. It is about distance teaching and the necessary technical material for it.

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Corona Hamm slight increase number cases incidence ten points


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