Corona: Lockdown discussion in Germany – Bundesliga boss shares polarizing train of thought


Germany is eagerly discussing the corona lockdown. Suddenly, a Bundesliga boss tells of a potentially controversial idea in the current coronavirus situation.

Munich / Dortmund

The – Corona-Lockdown in Deutschland*: Before the next summit between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU)* and the prime ministers of the federal states on January 5th is unclear how things will go from there.

Bayern pleads because of Covid-19 decided for one Lockdown-Extension – and includes, among other things, a special way of dealing with the schools and Next looks not like.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: In the tough Corona lockdown, Bundesliga stadiums are closed to spectators

It remains to be said: there is a lot of discussion. Schools, retail trade, leisure facilities – after all, it is about essential points that significantly affect the life of citizens in society.

Some would include the freedom to visit one Bundesliga* Game call. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier For example, in his Christmas address he discussed how difficult it is for football fans to have to do without it.

A Bundesliga*-Boss out North Rhine-Westphalia has now shared a polarizing train of thought: sports director Michael Zorc of Borussia Dortmund*. How will his impetus be received in the current debate?

Return of the fans in Corona times: In September and October, at times a few fans with AHA rules were allowed into the Bundesliga stadiums.

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Corona pandemic in Germany: BVB boss Michael Zorc – spectators in Bundesliga stadiums again after Easter?

“I have at twelve o’clock (24 o’clock, d. Red.) toasted with my family and, like many others, was just happy that 2020 was over, ”said Zorc at Sky first of his New Year’s Eve.

When asked when he expected to see spectators in the stadiums again, the 58-year-old from Dortmund said cautiously: “We secretly hope that it will be possible again after Easter. But that’s pure speculation, it’s not well founded. “

To put it into perspective: Easter Sunday is April 4th in 2021. At the current Corona-Lage* However, it is controversial whether fans will be allowed in football stadiums again at this point in time, while currently still about the closing and opening of schools is discussed. (pm) * and are part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editorial network

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