Corona lockdown: surprise for everyone in Munich! Popular region overturns tough rule


Popular excursion destination – especially in lockdown: Day tourists are currently romping around at Spitzingsee.

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 The  corona trend shows: ©

 The  numbers have been falling for many days. One region has now overturned a far-reaching regulation. All news here in the ticker.

  • In Munich, the 7-day incidence is now below 80.
  • A popular excursion region has now overturned a far-reaching regulation.
  • This ticker is updated continuously.

Update from January 25th, 11:07 am: A sigh of relief for many Munich residents: Due to the continued low incidence in Miesbach district has the district office the “General decree for the prohibition of tourist excursions in the district of Miesbach ”today canceled. From tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26th, that means tourist trips in the county again allowed. ©

 The  RKI reports a for the district for Monday Incidence of only 70.

Corona lockdown: hammer for Munich! Excursion region overturns far-reaching measure


 The  popular Excursion region Winter sports and hiking were most recently closed to Munich residents. ©

 The  reason was the newly introduced radius of motion, which was introduced in the course of the Lockdown came into force.

First report from January 25, 2021

Munich – As the Chancellor, together with the 16 prime ministers Lockdown extended until February 16, the goal was clear: ©

 The  numbers have to go down – with just one Incidence of around 50, nationwide, tracking by the health authorities is possible again. For many days the Corona-Trend in Germany, but also Bavaria and Munich in a clear direction. ©

 The  Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports in its latest data for the state capital (as of January 25, 00:00 a.m.) a 7-day incidence of 78.8. According to the same data set, the Weilheim-Schongau district (48.7), as well as the District town of Kempten (49.2) already below the desired value of Chancellor Merkel. ©

 The  lockdown is still running for a full three weeks. But one is already sparking Debate about easing – also at the head of the Bavarian government.

Corona lockdown: are easing coming? Söder-Co calls for the end of the curfew


 The  Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has been known for his way of “prudence” and “caution” since the beginning of the pandemic. In the same way you now know that to be Co Hubert Aiwanger (Free voters) always represents a kind of opposite pole. As early as last spring and summer, the Minister for Economic Affairs was quickly one of the first to call for exit strategies. This is also the case with the digital New Year’s reception of the Free Voters. He is for the “to take a reasonable middle ground“, he said. Instead of simply locking everything up for months, a “differentiated debate” is needed about when individual industries can reopen. Also with the Curfew from 9 p.m. wonder if it is necessary if the Incidence values ​​fell below 200. ©

 The  current lockdown applies until mid-February – then, according to Aiwanger, something should be done. In Munich, for example, that applies Curfew since December 9th.

Corona lockdown: easing debate sparked – Söder warns of false promises

CSU boss Söder made his anger about them Relaxation fantasies of his coalition partner at the digital CSU New Years reception air. “©

 The re are always politicians who talk every day about when something would be opened for sure,” he said, without naming Aiwanger. “My urgent advice: Don’t go the easy way. “It is a mistake to make promises that no one can keep.

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Corona lockdown surprise Munich Popular region overturns tough rule


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