Corona news for Thuringia from January 22nd: Less active cases – but 62 dead


Thuringia | State student council criticizes classroom teaching for final classes

 The  Thuringian State Student Council criticizes classroom teaching in final classes. © The  special focus on the final classes is to be welcomed, according to a press release. However, one doubts the meaningfulness of the presence of the students. © The  teachers would have given the present students tasks to solve independently, which could just as easily have been processed at home and submitted via the school cloud. In times of Corona, this means taking an avoidable risk, according to the student council. As it is also said, video conferences should be used more frequently and across the board. This applies not only to the final years, but to all grades.

Unstrut-Hainich Circle | District distributes free surgical masks

In the Unstrut-Hainich district, the issue of free surgical masks begins on Friday. In Herbsleben and Kleinvargula, the building yard wants to put a total of 30,000 items in the mailboxes. © The y are handed out in grains on Friday afternoons from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the fire station; Friday also starts in Lengefeld, Mühlhausen and Oppershausen. ©

 The re are six issuing offices in Mühlhausen.

In the rural communities of Unstrut-Hainich, Vogtei, in Grabe, Saalfeld, Seebach and Windeberg and Nottertal-Heilinger Heights, the masks are delivered by post. In many other places such as Bollstedt, Görmar, Höngeda, Rodeberg or Ammern, the issue begins on Saturday.

District Administrator Harald Zanker (SPD) had informed the mayor on Thursday in a conference call about the action. A total of 1.2 million pieces – ten for each resident – should be issued as quickly as possible. © The  background to this is the decision by the Prime Minister’s Conference on Tuesday to introduce stricter mask requirements for shops and public transport from next week. OP or FFP2 masks should become mandatory there. A corresponding ordinance by the state of Thuringia is not yet in force.

Jena | Nursing home needs helpers

© The  city of Jena has again asked for helpers in nursing homes. © The  senior citizens’ residence “Rosenthal” in Jena-Nord urgently needs volunteers. After an outbreak of the corona virus, large parts of the staff are in quarantine. Volunteers with previous nursing knowledge could contact the home management immediately, according to the city.

Weimar | Free masks for social ticket holders

Social ticket holders receive free FFP2 masks in Weimar. As the city announced, authorized persons will receive three masks when the ticket is issued by the city administration. For the time being, 1,500 FFP2 masks would be made available per month by the end of April. Personal protection against the corona virus shouldn’t be a question of the wallet, said Mayor Peter Kleine.

That was the Corona news on Thursday

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Corona news Thuringia January #22nd active cases dead


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