Corona: “No Covid” and “Zero Covid” – that’s behind the terms



“Zero Covid” and “No Covid”: What the strategies mean

 The  terms “Zero Covid” and “No Covid” are often used synonymously – but behind them there are various corona strategies.

RKI sees a “slightly positive trend” in corona numbers

© The  President of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler, sees a “slightly positive trend” in the development of the corona pandemic in Germany: the number of new infections is currently falling in most federal states.

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Berlin. Whether on social media, on talk shows or interviews: Terms like are used more and more frequently in public “Zero Covid”, “Null Covid” or “No Covid”. © The  basic idea can be derived from the wording: © The re should be no more new corona infections. But how is this goal to be achieved? What strategies are behind it?

Even stricter Lockdowns, a lowering of the Contagion numbers to zero: We explain what the “Zero Covid” initiative is all about and what is meant by the “No Covid” strategy.

Coronavirus – © The  most important news at a glance

Fight against Corona: What is the goal of the “Zero Covid” initiative?

“Together down to zero” is the first goal of the left-wing initiative “Zero Covid” (German: “Zero Covid”). Through a common European strengen Lockdown the number of new corona infections should be massively reduced. What is needed is “no controlled continuation of the pandemic, but its termination,” says the initiative’s website.

In addition, “Zero Covid” calls for Europe-wide “Covid solidarity taxes” and the abolition of patents Vaccinesso that the preparations “do not serve the profit” but “are available to all people everywhere”.

Who is behind “Zero Covid”?

© The  first signatories of the “Zero Covid” initiative include people from areas such as science, culture or health from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ©

 The se include, for example, the sociologist Andrej Holm, the author Margarete Stokowski, the actor Rolf Becker or the activist Raul Krauthausen.

What should the corona lockdown required by “Zero Covid” look like?


 The  campaign calls for all contacts to be kept to a minimum – not just privately, but also on Workplace. All “non-life-relevant areas of the economy” are to be shut down: “Factories, offices, companies, construction sites, schools must be closed and the duty to work suspended,” it says on the website. In addition, there should be “rescue packages for people” and “not for companies”.

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How does “Zero Covid” intend to enforce a European corona lockdown?

In the implementation of the measures, “Zero Covid” is based on an international call for the consistent containment of the Corona-Pandemie in Europe, which was initiated by several scientists in December 2020. This calls for a Europe-wide coordinated approach to anti-corona measures.

Read about it: Corona measures: Researchers propose a three-step plan

According to the concept of “Zero Covid”, however, the procedure is to be supported by a so-called “Solidarity financing”:©

 The  societies in Europe have amassed enormous wealth, which, however, a few wealthy have acquired,” says the website of “Zero Covid”. This means that the “comprehensive break from work can be easily financed”. ©

 The  initiative therefore advocates “the introduction of a Europe-wide Covid solidarity tax on high assets, corporate profits, financial transactions and the highest incomes”.

“Zero Covid”: Which countries are still included?


 The re is one since November 2020 British “Zero Covid” initiativethat advocates similar goals.

What criticism is there of “Zero Covid”?

Critics of the initiative throw “Zero Covid” unrealistic goals in front. ©

 The  “Süddeutsche Zeitung” attests to its “pure wishful thinking”: It is a matter of “criticizing capitalism in passing” because, on the one hand, the production chains are to be shut down and, at the same time, state financial support for all those in need. ©

 The  “taz” describes the initiative’s proposals as “semi-totalitarian fantasy” – the ideas are “unworldly and not very effective”.

Virology Hendrik Streeck explained in an interview with the Munich “Abendzeitung” that he basically considers the “Zero Covid” idea to be “illusory”: ©

 The  implementation is simply not possible because in this case not only borders and airports are closed, but also within Districts must erect police barriers. “In my opinion, that is incompatible with our society,” said Streeck.

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“Zero Covid”, “Null Covid” or “No Covid”: what is the difference?

Often the terms “Zero Covid”, “Zero Covid” or “No Covid” are used synonymously – this often only means a reduction in the number of infections to zero, without the underlying ideas being known. However, behind “Zero Covid” and “No Covid” two different approaches.

That is the “No Covid” strategy

Independent of the “Zero Covid” initiative, there is the “No Covid” strategy, for which many scientists are in favor: It should be one strict restriction of public life – for as long as it has to be and at the same time as briefly as possible. This should massively reduce the number of infections. However, not all work should be stopped for this. In addition, the strategy is not shaped by criticism of capitalism like “Zero Covid”. ©

 The  “No Covid” concept goes back to the US physicist Yaneer Bar-Yam, according to “Zeit”.

Was will die “No Covid”-Strategie?

In a strategy paper presented to “Zeit” by an interdisciplinary group of experts, the “No Covid” requirements are explained in more detail: It emphasizes a Reward principle with the establishment of so-called “green zones”, in which people are allowed to return to normal after a strict lockdown and a correspondingly reduced number of infections. With a similar strategy, Australia and New Zealand would have managed to get the contagion numbers under control. “©

 The  existence of a clear reopening plan was important for the morale and cohesion of the citizens of Australia,” the paper says. However, strict measures remain in place for areas with high levels of infection.

In the “green zones” tests and Quarantänen to avoid reintroduction of the virus; local mobility controls should also take place. Whether a zone should extend over a district, a city or an entire state is not further defined in the paper. A team of experts from Australia and New Zealand is ready to advise German policy on how to implement it.


 The  consequences for the economy are supposed to be minimized by doing so in some industries Homeoffice is set, but large factories are allowed to continue producing with adapted hygiene standards. ©

 The  authors of the strategy paper include the virologist Melanie Brinkmann, the political scientists Elvira Rosert and Maximilian Mayer and the internist Michael Hallek. (raer)

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