Corona symptoms: Infected unnoticed – gastrointestinal complaints can also indicate infection


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A corona study shows that flu-like symptoms cannot be the only symptoms of an infection. Almost every sixth person suffers exclusively from gastrointestinal complaints.

  • Corona-Symptome: flu-like symptoms are loud RKI in Germany as particularly common.
  • But one study found that other complaints also indicate an infection with the coronavirus.
  • Almost every sixth infected person suffered from it Gastrointestinal problems.

Frankfurt – One Corona infection is not the same for everyone. Research now has a wide variety of disease courses Covid-19 disease outlined. Times lie flu-like symptoms before, times are people with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 infected and don’t even notice it. But in some cases symptoms become noticeable and the infected still do not notice anything about their infection. Because there is Corona-Symptomewhich many mistakenly do not perceive as such. ©

 The se Symptoms can sometimes be the only evidence of infection with the virus, a group of researchers found.

Corona symptoms: Infected unnoticed – Almost 20 percent of those affected had this symptom


 The re is Corona-Symptomethat are often overlooked – although they occur in almost 20 percent of those infected. ©

 The  researchers Kevin Lui, Mitchell P. Wilson and Gavin Low from the University of Alberta found this out through a review of various corona studies and published it in the journal “Abdominal Radiology”. Play accordingly Gastrointestinal symptoms a much more central role in infection with the Coronavirus, as professionals previously thought.

Recorded symptoms for Covid-19 cases in Germany frequency
to cough 40 percent
fever 28 percent
sniff 27 percent
Disturbance of the sense of smell and / or taste 21 percent (note the RKI note)
Source: RKI

Corona study on often unnoticed symptoms: gastrointestinal complaints as a factor

But how did the scientists proceed in their systematic review of different corona studies? ©

 The  authors took a total of 36 studies around the topic Corona-Symptome in their evaluation. And came to the conclusion: “More and more literature indicates that abdominal symptoms often occur with Covid-19, “said Wilson, one of the authors of the study to the online platform” Folio “of the University of Alberta. 17.8 percent of the patients would have suffered from gastrointestinal symptoms – including, for example: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

And most of those 17.8 percent of those infected got the Gastrointestinal symptoms does not appear in combination with the known corona symptoms. In 16 percent of the corona patients, the abdominal complaints were the only symptoms. This means that almost every sixth patient and almost every sixth patient suffered exclusively from gastrointestinal complaints. Of flu-like symptoms like cough, runny nose or fever no trace.

Undetected corona symptoms: gastrointestinal symptoms also visible on CT


 The  researchers’ systematic review also provides clues as to how radiologists contract the Coronavirus could recognize. Because a computer tomography (CT) in the abdominal area showed some peculiarities in the infected. So some suffered Corona-Patient: within with air accumulation in the intestinal wall, inflammation in the large or small intestine and sometimes even with a rupture of the intestine.

“However, these signs do not necessarily mean that a patient is at Covid-19 is sick, ”emphasizes Wilson. “©

 The re could be a variety of different reasons. But one of these reasons is infection with the virus, ”said the researcher. ©

 The re are therefore Symptomsthat one in conjunction with Corona definitely have to consider, said Wilson.

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 The  effects of Covid-19 disease on the stomach and intestines


 The  authors of the review differed Corona study also indicated that especially those visible in the CT Gastrointestinal complaints may be a sign that people are tending to be under one severe Covid-19 Suffer course. But why has an infection with the Coronavirus Influence on Stomach and Intestines? This is one of the aspects that researchers at the University of Ulm have examined in a study.


 The re are many docking points for this in the digestive tract Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 to infect different cell types, according to the scientists. ©

 The se would then in turn Coronaviren to produce. “In fact, most cell types are […], can be infected with SARS-CoV-2. ©

 The y immediately start replicating, ie producing new, infectious viruses, ”Jana Krüger, one of the authors of the study, explains to the Science Information Service (idw).

This also explains why the virus load is often particularly high in stool samples from infected people. Previously, studies had already shown that the virus could still be detected in stool samples even after a negative corona test via a nasopharynx swab.

As a result of that the infected cells Coronaviren produce, many specialized cells go in Intestines lost. Which in turn can lead to the patient being under Symptoms as nausea or diarrhea Suffer. ©

 The  researchers emphasize that future strategies for treatment Corona therefore should also be effective in the gastrointestinal tract. (Sophia Lother)

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Corona symptoms Infected unnoticed gastrointestinal complaints infection


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