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A current, large-scale corona study reveals that three out of four infected people also suffer from symptoms months later.

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     The  research is still on the Corona-Long-term consequences and Symptoms in its infancy.

  • But a study on the subject „Long-Covid“ and the Symptoms supplies after illness troubling findings.
  • Three out of four people suffer months after Corona infection still of complaints – one gender is particularly affected.

Frankfurt – they are Long-term consequences one Corona infection far more serious, than previously assumed? So far, the focus has often been on the immediate consequences and symptoms research – but always more Studies reveal that Long-term consequences and „Long-Covid“-Symptome occur far more frequently than previously assumed. An actual Corona-Studie from China, for example, is focusing on what long-term consequences six months after a infection with the Virus occur. Which complaints and Symptoms especially frequently are and whether Women or Men more common among the Long-term consequences leiden.


 The  physician Chaolin Huang and his colleagues surveyed 1,733 people who had been in the Jin Yin-tan Clinic in Wuhan because of a Covid-19 disease were treated. ©

 The  results of the Corona-Studie were published in the specialist magazine “©

 The  Lancet”. All study participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire and given a medical examination. ©

 The y also completed a 6-minute walking test.

Corona long-term consequences: Study provides worrying results on “Long-Covid”


 The  participants of the study to the Corona long-term consequences were on average 57 years old. Of the 1,733 test subjects, 836 were women. While treating her Covid-19 disease In the hospital, 25 percent of the study participants did not need any additional oxygen supply (severity 3). In contrast, 68 percent (severity 4) were additionally supplied with oxygen, the rest had to receive oxygen via “HFNC” (High Flow Nasal Cannula) or “NIV” (non-invasive mechanical ventilation) (severity 5) or be artificially ventilated (severity 6 ).

Severity of a Covid-19 disease Background / symptoms
1 No hospital stay, everyday life not restricted
2 No hospitalization, but limited everyday life
3 Hospitalization, no additional oxygen supply
4 Hospitalization, additional oxygen supply
5 Hospitalization, additional oxygen supply using HFNC and / or NIV
6 Hospital stay, oxygen supply using ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation)
and / or IMV (Invasive Mechanical Ventilation)
7 Death
Quelle: Huang, Chaolin, et al. (2021) 6-month consequences of COVID-19 in patients discharged from hospital: a cohort study”

“Long Covid” symptoms: women suffer significantly more often from long-term effects of Covid-19


 The  study on the Corona long-term consequences came to the result that three out of four patients (76 percent) are still taking six months later at least one Symptom suffered. Were there Women after a Covid-19 disease more often of the Long-term consequences affected as Men. Persons whose infection with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 led to a disease course of severity 5-6, also suffered stronger under Long-term consequences.

But what symptoms did the patients suffer from months after they did? Corona infection? Of those surveyed, 63 percent said they were under Muscle weakness and fatigue to suffer. Sleep disorder were an existing problem for 26 percent. Symptoms like Hair delight (22 percent), a impaired sense of smell (11 percent) Joint pain (9 percent) and a impaired sense of taste (7 percent) occurred. In the 6-minute walking test, the values ​​of 23 percent of the participants were conspicuous. At the strongest those who had disease severity of five or six were also affected.

Through the questionnaires, the scientists also found that 23 percent of those surveyed stated that they were under Anxiety disorders and Depression to suffer. Women were significantly more affected than men. ©

 The  patients with a severe course of the disease also suffered more frequently from such psychological symptoms.

Occurrence of long-term effects in men Occurrence of long-term effects in women
73 percent: one or more symptoms 81 percent: one or more symptoms
59 percent: muscle weakness and fatigue 66 percent: muscle weakness and fatigue
25 percent: sleep disorders 28 percent: sleep disorders
21 percent: hair loss 23 percent: hair loss
10 percent: impaired sense of smell 11 percent: impaired sense of smell
9 percent: joint pain 10 percent: joint pain
7 percent: impaired sense of taste 8 percent: impaired sense of taste
18 percent: anxiety disorder or depression 28 percent: anxiety disorder or depression
Quelle: Huang, Chaolin, et al. (2021) 6-month consequences of COVID-19 in patients discharged from hospital: a cohort study

Study on corona long-term consequences: results support previous studies

Yet the results of the Corona-Studie by Chaolin Huang and his colleagues must also be viewed with certain reservations. So has the study for example not the entire health status of the respondents before their infection with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 recorded, criticizes the “Ärzteblatt”. It is therefore unclear whether certain Pre-existing illness, also of a psychological nature, also had an influence.

Italian researchers who study out Wuhan commented, stated in “©

 The  Lancet” that only four percent of the test subjects could be cared for in the intensive care unit. Nevertheless, the results of the Corona-Studie of Chaolin Huang and his colleagues with those of previous studies, summed up the scientists from Italy.

Because Corona long-term consequences like fatigue, shortness of breath and the persistent loss of the Sense of smell and taste were, for example, the most common in a corona study from Switzerland Symptom determined after an illness. And a study by Oxford University showed that one in five Covid-19-Sick after diagnosis suffers from mental health problems.

“Long Covid” study: the overall extent of the impact of Corona on humans is still unclear

“Because it is with Covid-19 When it comes to such a new disease, we are only just beginning to understand the long-term effects it has on patient health. However, our analyzes indicate that most patients have to live with at least one aftereffect of the virus when they leave the hospital, ”explains Professor Bin Cao, who worked on the study, to“ EurekAlert! ”. It is especially important to work with the former Coronavirus To accompany infected people medically.

To the Corona long-term consequences or „Long COVID“ to be understood more precisely further studies absolutely necessary, according to the researcher. Only then can you see the full extent of the Effects of Corona on People to capture. (Sophia Lother)

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