Corona vaccination from Biontech triggers allergy shock in women – clinic emergency!


Biontech and Pfizer’s vaccine against the coronavirus causes allergic reactions in some people who have been vaccinated. One woman was in shock and became an emergency.

  • The vaccine from Biontech and US partner Pfizer is now approved in several countries.
  • The Vaccinations against that Coronavirus have already started.
  • For a few people that solves Vaccinate however one allergic reaction out.

Update, December 17th: Just a week after two similar incidents in the UK, two people in the US state of Alaska have immediately followed one Corona vaccination allergic reaction shown. A woman was according to the New York Times to a medical emergencyalthough they have no previous history Allergies would have. The health worker had previously contacted the vaccine of Pfizer, the US partner of Biontech, against that Coronavirus get vaccinated how* reported.

Corona vaccine from Biontech: allergy shock! Woman becomes a clinic emergency after vaccination

So it was woman middle-aged around ten minutes after the Corona vaccination faced with anaphylactic reactions. In this extreme form of the Allergy several systems of the body are basically affected.

So also in the case of the American. The woman got loud New York Times Rash on her face and upper body, became short of breath, and her heart rate increased. After a first Emergency treatment following the Corona vaccination sounded the symptoms of Allergy probably at first, but then returned violently again. This also happened after another, more massive treatment. Then the woman apparently landed on the Intensive care unit.

Known side effects of the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine according to study

– Pain at the vaccination site: 66 to 83 percent of the subjects

– Fatigue: 34 to 59 percent of the subjects

– Headache: 25 to 52 percent of the subjects

– Muscle pain: 14 to 37 percent of the subjects

– Chills: 6 to 35 percent of subjects

– Pain in the limbs: 9 to 22 percent of the subjects

– Diarrhea: 8 to 12 percent of the subjects

– Fever: 11 percent of the older subjects, 16 percent of the younger subjects

From the end of July to mid-November, 44,820 subjects were examined and the results were published in the “New England Journal of Medicine”. Around half of the test subjects received the vaccine twice, the rest a placebo with no effect.

Corona vaccine from Biontech: allergy shock! Woman becomes a clinic emergency after vaccination

Another employee also showed one in the same hospital allergic reaction on the Corona injection with the vaccine of Biontech and Pfizer. His eyes were swollen and he suffered from drowsiness and a scratchy throat. However, within an hour of the subsequent treatment, he felt better and was able to leave the hospital.

It had also been in the UK before allergic reaction on the vaccine of Biontech and Pfizer given. When developing the Vaccine however, this was not noticed as one of the side effects *. Only 0.63 percent of the subjects apparently had allergic reactions. And by the way, 0.51 percent of people who only got a placebo. Biontech and Pfizer want all reports on Allergies pursue.

Corona vaccination: Allergy shock after dose with vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer

While in Great Britain so far only one warning For Allergy sufferers published, the new case is likely to be the woman from Alaska further questions regarding the safety of the Corona vaccine raise. Apparently there weren’t any with her before Allergies been known. In Great Britain it was assumed that only Allergy sufferers with a previous history could be affected by the violent reactions.

Even after their violent ones allergic reactions on the Corona vaccine By the way, those affected from Alaska shouldn’t regret anything. As the New York Times reported, both health workers apparently did not want their negative experiences with the Vaccinations discourage others. With over 130,000 corona vaccinations, according to Great Britain, the allergy problems have so far only occurred sporadically.

Corona vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer: shock for allergy sufferers! Side effect possible

First report, December 11th: The second wave is still keeping Germany in suspense. With Saxony and Baden-Württemberg, the first federal states have already taken action and stricter requirements in the fight against this Coronavirus* decided. In Great Britain if you are like * reports one step further.

Great Britain was the first country in the world to have the Vaccine from Biontech and its US partner Pfizer an emergency license issued and vaccination started. Hundreds of people were vaccinated against the corona virus on the first day. In the case of two employees of the British national health service, the NHS, however, it went off not without side effects.

Corona vaccine from Biontech: Health system employees show allergic reaction

However, this was not one of the already known side effects of the corona vaccine from Biontechbut about allergic reactions. As a precautionary measure, the British authorities gave a few days after the vaccination started Warning to allergy sufferers Out.

The NHS staff however, had to struggle with allergic reactions prior to their vaccination. Meanwhile, the two vaccinated are better again, said NHS boss Stephen Powis, according to the Deutsche Welle in a parliamentary committee. Still should Allergy sufferers Be careful, especially if you’ve had one in the past anaphylactic shock have suffered.

Corona vaccine from Biontech: Allergic reactions possible

This is a “significant allergic reaction“, Which can occur with certain foods, drugs, but also vaccinations. Anaphylactic shock is a highly allergic reaction from the body. she can life threatening and is the most violent known allergic reaction.

As a rule, at least two different organ systems react with the airways and the skin. But the gastrointestinal tract and often the cardiovascular system can also be involved. A anaphylactic shock occurs all of a sudden. As a result, the patient’s state of health can suddenly deteriorate. It is an absolute medical emergency.

Corona vaccine from Biontech: Allergy sufferers should inform a doctor before vaccination

In addition to the anaphylactic shock, allergy sufferers can also further allergic reactions demonstrate. However, these are not all that complicated and, in the worst case, not life threatening. The body can do it different reactions show such as a rash. Breathing can also be difficult, and the face or tongue can swell.

Therefore, UK authorities are calling for people living under a Allergy suffer the doctor already before Corona vaccination point it out. Depending on their allergy history, these patients in Great Britain should not be against that at first Coronavirus be vaccinated. This particularly applies to people who are obliged to carry an adrenaline pre-filled syringe with them. Like the two of them NHS staff.

Corona vaccine from Biontech: 42,000 people already vaccinated twice

The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced the vaccine to the dpa Biontech has developed – with: “In the central clinical phase 3 study, this vaccine generally well tolerated with no serious safety concerns reported by the Independent Data Monitoring Committee. “

A 90-year-old British woman received the first corona vaccination on Tuesday (December 8th).

© Jacob King/PA Wire/dpa

Of the 44,000 study participants, they already had 42.0000 received a second vaccination. But that’s not far enough in Great Britain. On Tuesday, 90-year-old British Margaret Keenan * was the first to win the Vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer were vaccinated against the coronavirus and called on their compatriots to participate. The active ingredient has not yet been approved in Germany, but a vaccination strategy * already exists. There should be a total of six groups that are gradually being vaccinated. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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Corona vaccination Biontech triggers allergy shock women clinic emergency


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