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The federal government only supplies the vaccination doses.

The federal states take responsibility for the inoculation of the corona vaccine. The federal government will only deliver the cans.

The federal states are given responsibility for the inoculation of the corona vaccine. The federal government only supplies the cans. The federal and state governments agreed on this at a video conference on Friday. Several ÖVP-governed states had demanded exactly that in the run-up to the meeting and criticized the organization by the federal government as too bureaucratic.

In short: “Every day counts when vaccinating”

“Today we have jointly agreed that the acceleration of the vaccination strategy will be further intensified. Every day counts when it comes to vaccination. Complicated processes, unnecessary storage and bureaucracy must not stand in the way. It is now important that older people over 80 and vulnerable groups quickly Get access to the vaccination “, said Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz after the conversation in a joint statement with the Styrian Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer (both ÖVP), who took over the chairmanship of the Governors’ Conference today.

“The vaccine, which is not called up by the old people’s and nursing homes, has to be used quickly. The faster we vaccinate the older generation and vulnerable groups, the better we will relieve the hospitals and intensive care units. Vaccination is about speed and human life “, so short.

Vaccinations should reach people as quickly as possible

“It is our common goal that the vaccinations reach those who urgently need them as quickly as possible. The federal and state governments strive to vaccinate as quickly as possible and not leave anything in storage. As federal states, we are happy to coordinate vaccination doses, I would like to thank the Federal Chancellor for taking action and for speeding up and reducing the bureaucracy of the vaccination strategy. That is in the interests of the population, “said the Styrian governor and chairman of the governor’s conference Schützenhöfer.

At the same time, the President of the Association of Municipalities, Mayor Alfred Riedl, offered Chancellor Kurzv “rapid and unbureaucratic support for the municipalities in informing the population directly about vaccination options”. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been making an important contribution in the communities as a communication hub for our citizens. Especially when it comes to vaccination coordination, rapid and citizen-friendly communication is the order of the day and can save lives,” said Riedl. The rapid implementation of the ambitious corona vaccination plan is a major logistical challenge that demands all regional authorities.

Burgenland wants army aid

The Burgenland Deputy Governor Astrid Eisenkopf (SPÖ) finds the new division of responsibility between the federal and state governments for the inoculation of the corona vaccine “in order”. Above all, she demands that the federal states be supported by the armed forces – it is not yet clear whether this will also be the case, according to the APA after the federal-state conference on Friday. According to Eisenkopf, support from the army is needed for both the mass tests and the vaccinations. It is also not yet clear how the overarching vaccination strategy will be implemented in the federal states; this is now being worked out. At least the older generation will be vaccinated first.

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