Corona vaccination: myths in the fact check – are there side effects?


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Dead after corona vaccination? This is what vaccine myths are about

Can you die from the corona vaccine? Or become sterile after vaccination? We clarify what the myth is all about.

This is how you can recognize conspiracy myths

You hear an absurd message and at first you don’t really know what to do with it. This video will help you uncover false news and conspiracy myths.

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  • For a few weeks now, people in Germany have been vaccinated against the corona virus
  • Numerous myths and misinformation circulate about the various vaccines
  • We check the best known for their truthfulness – vaccine myths in a fact check

Can after a Corona vaccination Infertility, genetic changes and, in the worst case, death? © The  vaccine has only been around for a few weeks, but there are already many Myths around the syringe. According to recent surveys, the willingness to vaccinate in Germany is still growing.

Coronavirus – © The  most important news at a glance

However, many people have concerns because the corona vaccine has only been around for such a short time. Insights too Long-term consequences are not yet available. ©

 The re are now isolated reports of deaths shortly after corona vaccinations, which can be unsettling without further information. But do they really have to do with the vaccine? ©

 The  biggest Vaccine Myths in the fact check. Interesting too: Corona quarantine – countries are planning compulsory admissions in the event of violations

Corona myth: can vaccination lead to infertility?

Mythos: © The  corona vaccines could help women barren will. ©

 The y are then no longer able to have children.

Fact: Not correct. ©

 The  corona vaccines don’t lead to infertility. ©

 The  argument is often based on the alleged similarity between the so-called spike protein of the coronavirus, with which the pathogen docks on human cells, and the body’s own protein called syncytin-1.

Syncytin-1 is found in childbearing Women responsible for the formation of the placenta, through which the offspring in the uterus receive their nutrients. ©

 The  infertility thesis is incorrectly: If the body builds an immune defense against the corona spike protein after a vaccination, this reaction also spreads to syncytin-1 and thus prevents the formation of the placenta. Read here: Corona vaccination calculator – when can I get vaccinated?

Expert on corona vaccine: “Cross-reaction basically impossible”

However, there is no particular similarity between the two proteins, so “a cross-reaction of the vaccine is basically impossible,” said Annette Beck-Sickinger, head of the research group for biochemistry and bioorganic chemistry at Leipzig University, of the “Freie Presse”.

Lars Dölken, Professor of Virology and Immunobiology at the University of Würzburg, told the German Press Agency (dpa): Even if both proteins were similar, one could not conclude that the body’s defenses against it Coronavirus also attacked the syncytin-1 protein.

Corona – More information on the topic

If there actually were such an extended reaction, one would have to Covid disease harmful effects on Pregnant women said Dölken. In the event of an infection, the body ultimately forms the same defense mechanisms as it does after a vaccination. In Sars-CoV-2-Studies, however, have not found an increase in the number of miscarriages or complications during pregnancy.

Does the corona vaccination lead to changes in the genetic make-up?

Mythos: At a mRNA vaccination gene changes occur.

Fact: That it increases with mRNA vaccinations Genetic changes comes is excluded. Classic vaccines such as those against the flu often contain killed or weakened viruses or parts of them. ©

 The  corona agents from Biontech and Moderna, on the other hand, work for the first time via the so-called mRNA (“m” means “messenger”, “RNA” means “ribonucleic acid”).

No killed Sars-CoV-2 pathogens are injected, but a kind of construction manual for a component of the virus – the messenger molecule mRNA. ©

 The  body cells then produce parts of the virus envelope protein (spike protein) themselves. Against this, the immune system then in turn develops certain factors so that it can recognize the structure of the protein in subsequent contact with the coronavirus and the Targeted defense against pathogens can.

Corona vaccination: RNA is not incorporated into human DNA


 The  information in the RNA cannot be transferred to the human DNA to be built in. This is prevented by the different chemical structure of mRNA and DNA alone. In addition, the mRNA taken up with the vaccination cannot even reach the cell nuclei in which the genetic material is stored in the form of DNA. ©

 The  messenger molecules only migrate into the cell plasma, where they are read and quickly broken down – so quickly that it was long considered impossible to use them therapeutically at all.

US researchers recently found out that in very rare cases and under extreme circumstances of a corona infection, small bits of genetic material of the virus could possibly get into human DNA. However, their as yet untested prepublication does not cover vaccines. “However, it will be completely ruled out that the RNA vaccine will be rewritten and integrated into DNA,” emphasized Joachim Denner vom Robert Koch Institute (RKI) regarding the US study.

Corona – More on the topic

Death from corona vaccination: can you die from the vaccine?

Mythos: Six people died during test runs Biontech vaccine. Even after the vaccine was approved, several people in Germany died shortly after they were vaccinated against Corona.

Fact: ©

 The  likelihood of dying from a corona vaccination is minimal. A total of 43,448 people took part in Biontech’s phase 3 study. Six participants died in the study period between the end of April and mid-November 2020 – but not because of the vaccination. More on the subject: Compulsory vaccination and other corona conspiracy theories in the fact check

“All deaths represent events that occur at a similar rate in the general population for the age groups in which they occurred,” according to the FDA, which is responsible for US approval of the compound. Also the European approval authority EMA sees “no connection” of the cases: “Other previous illnesses were more likely the cause of death.”

Corona vaccination study: dead received placebo

Four of the Kill in the study had not received the vaccine at all, but one Placebo. For example, they died of age-typical diseases such as a heart attack or a stroke. One of the two dead from the test group who received the vaccine suffered a heart attack around two months after the second pikser. ©

 The  second had various previous illnesses.


 The  President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler, had already pointed out before the EU approval of the Biontech preparation that, due to the statistical probability, “people will die in connection with the vaccination” – for example because “the old and very old people ”, who generally have a higher risk of death.

Ten deaths after corona vaccinations: connection unlikely

Even with the nationwide until Thursday ten reported deaths shortly after a corona vaccination, experts at the Paul Ehrlich Institute consider a connection with immunization to be unlikely. “Based on the data we have, we assume that the patients died of their underlying disease – in a temporally coincidental connection with the vaccination,” said Brigitte Keller-Stanislawski from the institute.

(raer / dpa)

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