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Corona vaccination should be seen as a “civic duty”


Söder on nursing homes: “Too high a refusal to vaccinate”

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has complained that there is “too high a refusal to vaccinate among nursing staff in old people’s and nursing homes”. The German Ethics Council should therefore make proposals “whether and for which groups compulsory vaccination would be conceivable,” said the CSU chief of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (Tuesday).

Video: Markus Söder in an RTL interview

“To be vaccinated should be seen as a civic duty,” said Söder. A state campaign to promote vaccination, “in which role models from art, sport and politics participate”, could help.

Because there wasn’t enough corona vaccine, he also called for a “national pharmaceutical alliance” to accelerate production. You have to talk to the pharmaceutical companies about this. Where necessary, the state must pay the companies compensation. The additional vaccine production could benefit all of Europe. A new Biontech plant is due to start production in Marburg at the end of February. The pharmaceutical alliance could create additional production facilities.

In addition, Söder called for “urgently more facilities in which the mutated virus can be detected”. The few facilities in Germany were not enough. In each federal state, several verification points are needed.

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Corona vaccination civic duty


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