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Corona vaccination while breastfeeding? Experts advise breastfeeding mothers


Would you rather not vaccinate?

At least in the case of breastfeeding women, everyone can understand a certain uncertainty with regard to a corona vaccination. Various specialist societies have now published a joint statement: In it they speak out in favor of the corona vaccination during breastfeeding – especially if the mother is at an increased risk of Covid.

Joint statement from professional societies

Breastfeeding and Corona Vaccination – Yes or No?

 The  current recommendation from the German Society for Perinatal Medicine (DGPM), the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGGG) and the National Breastfeeding Commission (NSK) says: ©

 The  potential benefit of vaccination for breastfeeding women with an increased Covid-19 risk outweighs the theoretical ones Concerns about the safety of the vaccination clearly.

No increased risk from mRNA vaccines


 The  experts base their recommendation on the fact that for the so-called mRNA vaccines, “according to the current state of knowledge, no increased risk for breastfeeding women or babies” has been determined. However, no data are currently available on the use of mRNA vaccines during breastfeeding, such as the influence on the breastfed infant or breast milk secretion. A basic routine vaccination of all breastfeeding women is currently “mostly not recommended by the specialist societies, even on the basis of the currently limited vaccine resources”, according to the experts.

No conclusive studies at the moment


 The  Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) has also followed this recommendation so far: it considers it unlikely that vaccination of the mother during breastfeeding poses a risk to the infant. ©

 The  Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine also sees no reason to believe that the vaccine poses a safety risk for mother and infant during breastfeeding. Although there are currently no meaningful studies on the transfer of vaccine components into breast milk, a “biologically traceable mechanism that could cause damage” is currently not known.

Protective effect for mother and child

With regard to the protective effect, it is assumed that it goes hand in hand with “the same high degree of effectiveness” as has been shown for non-breastfeeding women – even if detailed information is missing. Immunizing the mother could also minimize the risk of a child’s infection, even if there are currently only individual reports of severe or critical Covid cases in children under twelve months.

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Corona vaccination breastfeeding Experts advise breastfeeding mothers


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