Corona vaccinations in the Stuttgart region: Education should move nurses to the peak – Stuttgart


Vaccination appointment in the Gerok and Geschwister-Cluss-Heim of the Foundation Evangelical Retirement Homes Ludwigsburg. A member of the mobile vaccination team prepares the spades for the home resident. Photo: factum / Andreas Weise

The ongoing vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in nursing homes in the Stuttgart region shows that the willingness to participate is not very strong, especially among nurses. The home owners and politicians don’t believe in compulsory vaccinations, at least not yet. You bet on education.

Stuttgart – With the corona vaccination campaigns in nursing homes in Stuttgart and the region, the willingness to take the spades against the virus is significantly lower among employees than among residents. That is why the employees of the company Leben und Wohnen, which operates the nursing homes in the city of Stuttgart, now receive mail from Alexandra Sußmann. In the letter, the social mayor refers to the corona vaccinations that have started in the homes (“light at the end of the tunnel”) and also mentions that some of the staff have reservations about the vaccination: “Some of you are reluctant, you have questions and doubts. Rest assured: we take this seriously. ”This is followed by information about the safety of the vaccination and further references to two Internet addresses. Finally, the mayor promotes the vaccination: “It depends on each of us.”

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Corona vaccinations Stuttgart region Education move nurses peak Stuttgart


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