Corona virus in Germany: Round of experts advises country leaders to radical lockdown – knowledge


Greens criticize the federal government for research gaps in corona measures

 The  federal government does not ensure that “serious research gaps” in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic are addressed: This is criticized by Kai Gehring, research policy spokesman for the Greens in the Bundestag. “©

 The  federal government should have used the past few months to close knowledge gaps as quickly as possible. But that did not happen with regard to fundamental research questions, ”Gehring told Tagesspiegel.

Gehring mentions the question of what happens in schools as a central issue. Apparently, the Federal Ministry of Research “has no interest in systematically investigating the infection process in schools”, criticizes Gehring.

It refers to a response from the Federal Ministry of Health to a small request from the Greens in the Bundestag about the studies commissioned by the federal government on the infection process. ©

 The  answer shows that the BMBF has not commissioned any studies of its own on schools – even though the question of school closings is one of the most momentous and controversial topics.

Gehring considers the situation in Minister Scheuer’s (CSU) transport department to be “particularly gloomy”: ©

 The re are still no scientific studies on the risk of infection and protection against infection in local public transport. “In principle, the implementation of research projects in public transport is subject to the challenge that the study population is more difficult to reach due to mobility,” said the answer from the Federal Ministry of Health.


 The  answer also shows that the federal government has not initiated any monitoring of the effectiveness of the containment measures. “A recording of all local implementation measures does not take place at federal level – due to the responsibilities of the federal states and municipalities”, it says. “If the Chancellor and Prime Minister cannot decide on the broadest possible research knowledge, it is because of the negligence in science policy in recent months,” says Gehring, also with a view to the upcoming meeting, at which a decision will be made on tightening measures. (Tilmann Warnecke)

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Corona virus Germany experts advises country leaders radical lockdown knowledge


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