Coronation hope and pray: medicine instead of injection. A new cure is being researched


A drug against corona with advantages over a vaccination? Sounds too good to be true – but that’s exactly what British researchers are currently working on. The information about the remedy comes from AstraZeneca:

British researchers are currently testing a new drug against the coronavirus in a study. The study is already in the crucial third phase, but time is running out. Perhaps that is why the researchers gave the complicated test procedure the catchy name “Storm Chaser”? One thing is certain: the goals are very ambitious. If the British plans can be implemented, the new drug would be tantamount to an anti-corona revolution. Because the potential cure for Corona has a lot to offer and would put all previous vaccinations in the shade. This is particularly good news for people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. In addition, the remedy promises immediate protection against the dangerous Covid 19 disease after just one vaccination.

Cure against Corona as an alternative to the vaccine

The drug, with the acronym AZD7442, is being developed by Cambridge-based drug maker AstraZeneca. It consists of two different antibodies that are artificially grown in the laboratory. The agent promises immediate protection against the aggressive coronavirus after just one injection.

The antibody cocktail can also protect people who have already been infected with the coronavirus. A severe course of the disease is prevented and on top of that, the body develops the necessary immunity against other possible infections.

This method is already a good practice. Even if rabies is suspected, ready-made antibodies that eliminate the virus are administered.

Corona cure – advantages over vaccination

The advantages over a conventional vaccination are obvious:

Unlike the mRNA vaccine from BioNTech, the AstraZeneca corona cure should work immediately. Vaccines, on the other hand, must be administered at least twice over a period of weeks until adequate protection is achieved.

For those who have already come into contact with the coronavirus and may have been infected with the pathogen, the vaccination will be too late! Not so with the drug from AstraZeneca: It should help up to eight days after a possible infection with the coronavirus. In addition, the manufacturer promises immunity to the virus for up to a year.

Cure for Corona: Alternative for people without a vaccination
If the results of the study meet the high expectations, the drug could be approved as an emergency drug as early as the spring, reports the British newspaper “Guardian”.

Another study by the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) is also testing whether the new drug against corona is also suitable for patients for whom vaccination is not an option. This is especially true for people who suffer from an immune deficiency or who have cancer.

The same applies to allergy sufferers who could be threatened by side effects of the BioNTech * mRNA vaccine – even if possible side effects are extremely rare.

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