Coronavirus News up-to-date: Researchers warn of “escape mutation”! Vaccine ineffective soon?


Chancellor Angela Merkel is not the only one concerned about the corona mutations. Researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle who have examined various known mutations are also sounding the alarm. Allison Greaney’s group of researchers has analyzed the extent to which the mutations hinder the human immune response.

Corona vaccine soon ineffective against corona mutations?

Cell cultures were used to test how the mutations affected the binding of antibodies from the blood serum of Covid 19 patients who had survived the disease, and what this did for the neutralization of the Coronavirus means. “Unfortunately, the place where mutations have the greatest effect on antibody binding and neutralization is E484 – the place where several current coronavirus variants carry a mutation,” the researchers concluded.

Researchers warn of “escape mutation”! How dangerous are the escape mutations?

 The re is also the question of whether the vaccine currently used against the corona mutations could soon be ineffective. In this context, one speaks of “escape mutations”. This is what researchers use to describe genetic changes that cause a Virus can undermine its host’s immune response. “This usually happens when the viral protein structures, to which the antibodies and defense cells of the immune system attach, change,” reports “Focus Online”. Means: ©

 The  vaccine could be ineffective. Immunity from an infection that has already been experienced could then no longer be given.

Sars-CoV-2 has developed mutations since the beginning of the corona pandemic

Since the beginning of the Coronapandemic Sars-CoV-2 has changed constantly. While some mutations have disappeared again, such as the cluster 5 mutation that developed in minks, others are now dominant and present all over the world, such as the British variant B.1.1.7, a virus line that appeared in South Africa and one in January Variant detected in Brazil in 2021. ©

 The y are all considered to be significantly more infectious.

Infection as an advantage for the escape mutations?

Escape mutations are particularly favored by an infection. If a large group of the population is already immune, the corona mutations will prevail within this group. Scientists then speak of an antigen drift or antigen evolution.

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Coronavirus News uptodate Researchers warn escape mutation Vaccine ineffective


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