Coronavirus: What is known about deaths after a corona vaccination


Should we have grandma and grandpa vaccinated against Covid-19 or shouldn’t we? In Germany alone, thousands of families are faced with this question – especially when the elderly family member can no longer decide for himself.
In this situation, reports like the one from Norway cause great uncertainty:  The  country is said to have adjusted its vaccination recommendations after senior citizens died in nursing homes after vaccination. So are the vaccinations more dangerous than you thought? © The  situation is more complex.


 The  risk increases with age – even with vaccinations

As in Germany, very old people have priority in Norway when vaccinated against the coronavirus. ©

 The re, the age limit of 85 years is a little higher; in Germany, people aged 80 and over should preferably be vaccinated.

Experts had repeatedly pointed out that deaths after vaccination are to be expected in this age group – if only because the probability of deaths there is higher regardless of the vaccinations. ©

 The  decisive question is therefore whether the vaccination could have been the cause of death. It is precisely this question that is the task of health authorities to clarify.

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