Country sends “watchdogs” to vaccinations



 The  number of mayors who have been vaccinated against the corona virus is increasing. According to a report in the “Vorarlberger Nachrichten”, the country wants to send “watchdogs” to vaccination campaigns in old people’s and nursing homes with immediate effect.

In addition to Feldkirch’s mayor Wolfgang Matt (ÖVP) and Rankweiler mayor Katharina Wöss-Kral (ÖVP), the mayor of Bizau, Norbert Greussing and Martin Vallaster, mayor of Bartholomäberg (Together for Bartholomäberg), vaccinate.

Greussing justified his vaccination by stating that, as managing director of the Fechtigstiftung, he is the administrator of the Josefsheim in Bizau and, like all other employees, he has registered normally. Vallaster states that the doctor was still trying to find people over the age of 80, only after that they called him for the very last dose.

Two employees from the country are involved in vaccinations

In the “VN”, Governor Markus Wallner (ÖVP) announced that from now on, two state employees will be present for all vaccination campaigns in the Vorarlberg homes for complete documentation. One could certainly speak of watchdogs, said Wallner.

© The  mayor of Feldkirch, Matt, took a second position on Thursday afternoon on the controversy over his early vaccination. ©

 The  case has been making waves since the beginning of the week. If Matt had defended his behavior in the ZIB2 interview from Tuesday evening, he submitted his apology on Thursday – more on this in Matt apologizes for vaccination.

The Mayor of Feldkirch Wolfgang Matt in the ZIB2 interview with Armin Wolf


Wolfgang Matt im ZIB2-Interview

Artikel in „©

 The  Guardian“


 The  mayor of Feldkirch has also caused a stir internationally. ©

 The  British news site “©

 The  Guardian” has published an article with the title “Austrian mayors who got leftover Covid vaccines accused of ‘queue-jumping'” – To the article in “©

 The  Guardian”

While Matt apologized, affected local chiefs in Salzburg received backing from politics. Governor Wilfried Haslauer and Health Minister Christian Stöckl (both ÖVP) made it clear in a letter that vaccination was covered by the prioritization recommendations of the Ministry of Health – more on this in Mayor “Priority I” for vaccinations.

More and more community leaders apologize throughout Austria. So did Jakob Strauss, SPÖ mayor of Sittersdorf in Carinthia. It was a mistake to use the vaccination in the old people’s home in Völkermarkt – more on this in CoV vaccination: Strauss apologizes.

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Country sends watchdogs vaccinations


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