Covid 19 situation in Upper Austria: 246 new infections, 252 Covid patients in the hospitals (as of January 21, 5 p.m.)


Upper Austria.  The  number of people currently infected in Upper Austria has climbed just over the 2,000 mark, after 1,993 current cases the previous day, as of January 21, 5 p.m., there are 2,060 current Covid cases in the state of Upper Austria. From January 20th to 21st, 246 new Covid-19 cases were reported by the state of Upper Austria, 24,540 Upper Austrians have been vaccinated so far. Instead of the planned population tests from January 22nd to 24th, the permanent Covid test offer in Upper Austria will be expanded.

© The  number of current Covid-19 cases in Upper Austria is again just above the 2,000 mark on January 21, 5 p.m., more precisely at 2,060 (previous day 1,993). A total of 78,238 cases have been recorded in Upper Austria (including recovered and deceased people). ©

 The  number of people in quarantine was 8,087 as of January 21.

With 243 cases (previous day 233), the Gmunden district currently has the most infected people in absolute numbers and also in per mil to the total population (2.39). 206 people are currently infected with Covid-19 in the Braunau district (previous day 201). All other districts and cities are below 200 current cases.

All figures from the individual districts are below to find.

290 new positive cases – measures refined (January 20)

From January 20th to 21st at noon, 246 new infections were reported in Upper Austria, after 290 the day before.


 The  hard lockdown, which has been in force in Austria since December 26, was extended again to February 8, also due to the increased risk posed by the British Covid variant. In addition, it is necessary to sharpen the virus mutation in the measures. ©

 The  baby elephant grows to two meters and the FFP2 mask is mandatory from January 25, among other things in public transport and in retail. ©

 The  regulation for this is now available. All details about the innovations at:

1,395 deaths in Upper Austria (as of January 21)

As of January 21, 5 p.m., the statistics counted 1,395 deaths in connection with Covid-19 in Upper Austria.

Two current deaths in connection with Covid-19 had to be reported on January 20, three deaths were subsequently reported. (Please note: In the case of “place of death unknown”, the actual place of death is usually at home or in a nursing home).

Current deaths:

  • 77-year-old patient, living in the Rohrbach district, previous illnesses unknown, date of death: January 20. (Rohrbach Clinic)
  • 99-year-old patient, living in the Linz district, with previous illnesses, date of death: 21.01. Ordensklinikum Linz Elisabethinen)

Late registrations:

  • 80-year-old patient, living in the Grieskirchen district, with previous illnesses, date of death: 19.01. (Wels-Grieskirchen Clinic, Wels site)
  • 82-year-old patient, living in the Grieskirchen district, with previous illnesses, date of death: 19.01. (Wels-Grieskirchen Clinic, Grieskirchen site)
  • 70-year-old man, living in the Perg district, with previous illnesses, date of death: 16.01. (Place of death unknown)

Vaccination status in Upper Austria (January 21)

24,540 vaccinations were carried out in Upper Austria (as of January 20), 5,188 more than the day before,

  • of which in old people’s and nursing homes: 17,950
  • of which in hospitals: 3,331
  • of which people over 80 years of age outside of old people’s and nursing homes: 3,206
  • of these, 53 people have now received the second partial vaccination

On Tuesday, January 19, the state of Upper Austria started vaccinating people over 80 who do not live in old people’s and nursing homes. By the end of January, around 30 percent of people over the age of 80 in Upper Austria should be able to be vaccinated. All appointments for the Covid-19 vaccination for people over 80 in Upper Austria are currently booked out. People over 80 years of age who have not been given an appointment can contact us for information on future vaccination campaigns Sign in.

Positive rate at 0.82 percent (January 21), permanent test offer in Upper Austria (January 21)


 The  state of Upper Austria offers free test options in Upper Austria for everyone who wants to be tested for Covid-19 without symptoms. Since December 20, 137,261 people have been tested here using the rapid antigen test. 1,132 were positive. On yesterday, January 20th, 2,540 people took advantage of the offer, nine of these tests were positive. ©

 The  positive rate is currently 0.82 percent.


 The  state of Upper Austria has canceled the population tests scheduled for the coming weekend due to the extension of the lockdown – Tips reported, and instead announced that it will permanently expand this test offer. From January 25, 45 locations in the state will be available. ©

 The  details:

All contacts are retested

Due to the improvement in the current situation, all contact persons in category 1 (close contact) in Upper Austria are now being tested again using PCR, including those who do not show any symptoms.

Tests of people with symptoms are still only possible after contacting health number 1450. “We ask citizens not to go to the drive-ins without prior notification,” the country’s crisis team appeals.


 The  number of these tests:

  • January 20: 1,576 (plus 250 antigen tests by resident doctors)
  • 19 January: 1,303 (plus 230 antigen tests by resident doctors)
  • January 18: 1,250 (plus 334 antigen tests by resident doctors)
  • January 17: 889 (plus 21 antigen tests by resident doctors)
  • January 16: 715 (plus 58 antigen tests by resident doctors)
  • January 15: 1,104 (plus 201 antigen tests by resident doctors)
  • 14 January: 1,614 (plus 140 antigen tests by resident doctors)
  • January 13: 1,421 (plus 165 antigen tests by resident doctors)

Positive cases in schools – semester break is brought forward (January 21)

Currently, 87 (previous day 84) Upper Austrian school locations are affected by Covid-19 and 93 (previous day 88) pupils and 27 (previous day 26) teachers, as well as seven (previous day five) people who are part of the other school staff, are positive for Covid-19 tested (as of January 20th).

With the extension of the lockdown, the opening of schools will also fall. ©

 The  schools remain in distance learning until the semester break. In order to have a uniform start to school throughout Austria, the semester break in Upper Austria will be brought forward by one week – from February 8th to 14th. More on

Situation in hospitals (January 21)


 The  number of people who have to be treated in the hospital for a coronavirus disease is 252 as of January 21, after 268 the day before. An unchanged 43 people receive intensive medical care.


 The  number of intensive care beds kept in the Upper Austrian hospitals has recently been reduced: In Upper Austria, due to the current trend and the AGES forecast calculation within level 3, 100 intensive care beds for Covid-19 patients (instead of 125) and 150 ICU beds for other clinical pictures are available operated.

Situation in the old people’s and nursing homes (January 21)

Currently, 89 (previous day 122) employees and 188 (previous day 211) residents in 52 (previous day 56) Upper Austrian retirement and nursing homes have tested positive for Covid-19. (Status: January 20, 2021).

Current calls – monitor health status

In the following cases, the state of Upper Austria asks you to preventively monitor your state of health and to contact the health advice telephone 1450 or your family doctor immediately in the event of symptoms such as shortness of breath, sore throat, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, fever, dry cough or sudden loss of taste / smell:

In the Postbus lines 310, 311 and 312 between Freistadt and Linz there was a person on January 18 from 04.51 to 18.39 or on January 20 from 05.36 to 13.14

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