Cruciate ligament tear: End of season for World Cup title holder Aamodt Kilde

Cruciate ligament tear: End of season for World Cup title holder Aamodt Kilde

For Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, the ski season ended prematurely. © The  winner of the overall Alpine World Cup last season suffered a cruciate ligament rupture in his right knee when he fell during Super-G training in Hinterreit (Salzburg), the Norwegian Association announced on Facebook that evening. He is already the third runner from the Norwegian team to end the season due to an injury.

“It is as I feared,” said Kilde after an MRI examination in Innsbruck. “It’s particularly annoying because I’m in the shape of my life, but I’ll come back strong,” said the 28-year-old, who is due to have an operation on Sunday. © The  Norwegian is in second place in the overall World Cup behind the French Alexis Pinturault and is leading the downhill classification ahead of the Kitzbühel races next week.

Overall World Cup winner Kilde is suspected of having a serious knee injury

Kilde had twisted his knee in training after an inside ski error. He reported that he hadn’t felt any pain in the car on the way to the hospital examination, but at the same time noticed that something was wrong with his knee. “That is clearly part of the sport. I’m not the first and certainly not the last, ”he said before the examination, already suspecting the worst.

Also injured Braathen and McGrath


 The  Norwegian team is already badly shaken with injuries. In Adelboden, Sölden winner Lucas Braathen suffered a collateral ligament injury in his left knee in a fall. Atle Lie McGrath stretched a ligament in his knee. In both cases it meant the end of the season.

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Cruciate ligament tear season World Cup title holder Aamodt Kilde


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