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Game sales, giveaways and bundle deals are now ubiquitous for PC gamers. If you don’t filter your way through the list of offers, you will quickly overlook worthwhile titles in the crowd. We are therefore introducing some games that promise fun and are currently particularly cheap.

Action-Adventure | Windows, Mac, Linux | € 7.49 (instead of € 14.99)

Award-winning and tough – this is how the wonderful action adventure comes about Hollow Knight therefore. In a world full of insects, players take on the role of the Hollow Knight, a white knight who is supposed to fight a dangerous plague and rescue the fallen kingdom of the Savior’s Nest from the darkness. In addition, the Knight can be controlled through classic 2D side-scrolling levels, which come up with all kinds of opponents and other dangers. In particular, the 30 bosses waiting for the player in Hollow Knight are tough.

Trailer zu Hollow Knight

(Source: Team Cherry)

 The  degree of difficulty of the boss fights can be compared with some encounters in Souls games, although the fights in Hollow Knight are much faster and more dynamic. In order to finish off the opponents, the protagonist has numerous abilities – such as spells or special attacks and jumps – available that can be unlocked during the course of the game.

Hollow Knight is available until February 1st, 2021 for 7.49 euros in the Humble Store.

Tactical Adventure | Windows, Linux | € 1.24 (instead of € 4.99)

© The  Wild West Adventure Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive offers tricky tactical gameplay combined with a cinematic atmosphere. Although the game is around 20 years old, it still exudes an exciting charm that casts its spell on players in no time at all. Desperados takes place in the late 19th century in the southwest of the USA and sends the player into a wild west setting suitable for film. In the role of the bounty hunter John Cooper you gather your own gang to dust off the horrific reward of a railway company. Bandits spread fear and terror with their raids on trains operated by Twinnings & Co and, last but not least, cause great financial damage to the company.

Trailer zu Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive

(Source: Steam)

Cooper and his five followers not only have character differences, but also have various skills in their luggage that should prove useful in the fight against the Bandidos. Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive is available for purchase in the Humble Store until February 1st for 1.24 euros.

If the game seems a bit too dusty for you, you should definitely take a look at the third part of the Wild West series of games. On Desperados III (2020) there is a 50% discount in the Humble Store until February 1st (24.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros).

Action RPG | Windows, Mac, Linux | € 9.49 (instead of € 18.99)

If you are into looting & leveling in the best hack-and-slash manner, that’s for you Torchlight II a great alternative to the supposed top dog Diablo III. © The  action role-playing game sends players alone or together with others in co-op mode into randomly generated dungeons that have tons of monsters and loot ready. © The  loot is distributed individually for each player so that there are no misunderstandings when picking up the items. © The  Torchlight II story campaign is definitely worth playing and can be tackled several times in NG + (New Game Plus).

Torchlight II trailer

(Quelle: Runic Games)

© The  NG + mode offers stronger opponents as well as better loot and is also a challenge for players at the highest level (level 100). In Torchlight II, players can choose one of four character classes, each equipped with different long-range or close-range combat skills. © The  various items of equipment can be worn by any class, provided that the character values ​​meet a certain minimum requirement.

Torchlight II is available from GoG until January 25, 2021 for 9.49 euros.

First person shooter | Windows, Mac | € 9.19 (instead of € 22.99)

Superhot is a very special first-person shooter. It is not only the stylized graphics that make the game stand out from other genre representatives, but above all the unique gameplay. With Superhot the time only continues if the player moves. In addition, there is no display for your own health and you are looking in vain for ammunition. If your own weapon is shot empty, you can get up close and personal with the enemy and fight them in close combat with baseball bats, swords or, if necessary, your own fists.

Trailer for Superhot


© The  opponents usually appear in massive numbers and leave behind weapons and ammunition when they die. Since the action pauses as soon as you stop, you can come up with a suitable strategy for every difficult battle before moving again and the action continues. An endless mode also makes it possible to test your own skills in the fight against never-ending waves of opponents.

Superhot is available until January 29th for 9.19 euros on Steam. In addition, Superhot is also available as a VR version for 13.79 euros on Steam.

Global strategy | Windows | free

© The  turn-based global strategy game Galactic Civilizations III invites players to take control of one of three civilizations. In Galactic Civilizations III, humans, drengin and altarians share the seemingly endless expanse of the universe and colonize alien worlds as if it were a competition. In order to secure the supremacy of the own civilization in the galaxy, the player has different tools at his disposal. In addition to a classic, military strategy, diplomatic relationships, technological lead or cultural superiority can also lead to victory.

Trailer zu Galactic Zivilizations III

(Quelle: Stardock Games)

Typically 4X, resources in Galactic Civilizations III have to be mined, infrastructures built, units trained for space battles, traded and diplomatic decisions made. Galactic Civilizations III is available for free on the Epic Store until January 28, 2021.

You can find these and other current bargains in the picture gallery:

Galactic Civilizations III is a turn-based global strategy game that aims to advance your own civilization in the typical 4X style of play. Galactic Civilizations III is available for free in the Epic Store until January 28, 2021.

Game bundles can also be worthwhile for bargain hunters. Due to the rather low prices, a bundle purchase is sometimes worthwhile if you are only interested in a single title. Other bundles score points for the number of games they contain. Attention: many bundles rely on a subscription model! © The  following bundle deals are currently available:





© The  End


Humble Choice

PC Building Simulator, Warhammer: Chaosbane + 7 more

10,67 EUR

Win, Mac*, Linux*


monthly cancellable subscription

Amazon Gaming

Cyber Hook, Along the Edge, Void Bastards + weitere

from EUR 5.75 / month



included in Amazon Prime

* System is only supported by some of the games

Sales are always available on Steam. Typically, the “Weeklong Deals” alternate with the “Weekend Deals” – these are individual special offers that apply during the week or on the weekend. © The re are also the big steam sales that take place once a year. Next, the following large sales are expected on the dates given:

    • Steam Game Festival: 02/03/2021 to 02/09/2021

In fact, the dates may differ or there may be other large sales that are not yet known.


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