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In Pratteln, Switzerland, there was a bargain battle on Friday. Customers wanted to stock up on winter clothing before the lockdown.

Bargain hunters threw the La Halle clothes shop in Pratteln into chaos on Friday. Reader-reporter Sascha K. (41) went shopping with his wife at the Gruss Center around 5 p.m. In a “La Halle” branch advertised with a 70 percent discount and his wife only wanted to get a pair of socks for her son. In the store, however, things went haywire.

 The  41-year-old recorded the scene in a video. Shelves have been cleared, underwear, shoes and empty boxes are strewn across the floor. ©

 The  medical practice assistant reacted in shock to the situation. “People are not normal,” he says in the video.


When asked, he told “20 Minuten”: “It was totally chaotic. ©

 The  store looked as if the Black Block had marched through.” ©

 The  clientele consisted mainly of families. Everyone was stressed and rummaged wildly through the shelves. K. does not understand how one can behave so disrespectfully. “I’m thinking of the employees who probably had to clean up the mess for hours.”



 The  customers also disregarded the Corona regulations, says K. ©

 The re was a crush and the distance was no longer maintained. ©

 The  branch manager Françoise Letscher contradicts this. “At the checkout, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters was observed and checked.”

Anyone who did not adhere to them was made aware of the measures. But von Letscher has to admit: “©

 The  situation was very confusing and our employees couldn’t be everywhere at any time.” But the customers themselves are also responsible for keeping their distance.

Worse than Black Friday

“It doesn’t even look like this in our shop on Black Friday or just before Christmas,” says the Swiss woman. She is also surprised by the pictures from Friday. She suspects that the upcoming lockdown together with the heavy snowfall of the past few days would have led to the rush. “Customers were afraid that they didn’t have enough warm clothes at home.” Before the shops in Switzerland close for six weeks, people would have wanted to stock up on winter clothes. For example, lined boots are completely sold out.

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Customers devastate clothes shop Swiss lockdown world


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