Cyberpunk 2077: Journalist reveals drama – CD Projekt RED counters on Twitter


A well-known journalist uncovered a complete drama in the development of Cyberpunk 2077.  The  head of the CD Projekt RED Studios now has to answer questions himself on Twitter.

  • CD Project RED recently apologized in a video for the release debacle of Cyberpunk 2077 on Last-Gen Consoles.
  • © The  Journalist and insiders Jason Schreier has now with some CD Projekt Red Talked to employees and published a spicy report.
  • CDPR Head of Studio Adam Badowski can Schreiers However, the report does not agree and has published criticisms.

Warsaw, Poland – What a nightmare for CD Project RED! ©

 The  debacle about the screwed up Release of Cyberpunk 2077 just don’t want to go away. How good that we’re not in the skin of CDPR otherwise we would probably pinch ourselves really hard and try to wake up. Now has become a well-known Journalist with inside connections too CD Project RED Reported to employees and examined the situation again in detail. ©

 The reupon even the otherwise very silent Head of Studio answers Adam Badowski to speak.

Release (date of first publication) December 10, 2020
Publisher Bandai Namco (Europa), Warner Bros. (USA), Spike Chunsoft (Japan)
platform PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia, PS5, Xbox Series X
developer CD Project RED
Genre Action RPG, open world

Cyberpunk 2077: This is how the release debacle began

Let’s start from scratch. On December 10th it was Cyberpunk 2077 after eight long years finally for the PC, but also on PS4 and Xbox One and, thanks to backward compatibility, of course also for the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. But contrary to the expectations of the Fans and the statements of CD Project RED the game was nowhere perfect. At first there were a number of bugs and glitches on the PC, compared to the Last-Gen Consoles but they were harmless. Because the game was inedible on the standard PS4 and Xbox One models. Numerous Fans not only complained about bugs, but also about constant crashes and extremely low fps values. So it’s no wonder that Cyberpunk 2077 on MetaScore for the elderly Console generation Received user ratings between 3 and 4 out of 10 points.

This has some serious consequences for the Polish development studio behind the dystopian RPG. So not only lost Fans trust in CD Project RED, even investors feel deceived and misinformed by the studio, the stock slumped after Release enormously and a Polish lawyer wanted a class action lawsuit against CD Project RED Submit. Most recently, the Polish government even threatened sanctions against the developer studio.

Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt RED rows back and apologizes

That could CD Project RED So of course don’t leave it in the room. Shortly after the release, the first apology followed on Twitter and a few hotfix patches to improve the gaming experience a little before the new year. In addition, two major patches were announced for January and February. Co-CEO Marcin Iwiński recently spoke up in a video and apologized for the debacle. In this, he takes responsibility for the mess together with the rest of the management level and presents the situation from the studio’s point of view. So wanted CDPR Cyberpunk 2077 probably first optimize for the PC and only then on the Consoles transfer and customize. That at least explains why it is very playable on the PC and on the older ones Consoles barely.

Cyberpunk 2077: Journalist messes with CD Projekt RED – release disaster now top priority

© CD Projekt Red / Twitter: @jasonschreier, @AdamBadowski / pixabay (Montage)

During the process, however, the studio was repeatedly faced with new challenges and then, of course, Corona also came. So they became Console versions according to Iwiński intensively tested, but the bugs and performance problems followed the players Release had to go through, allegedly not to daylight during the tests. Cue, Insider and BloombergJournalist Jason Schreier.

Cyberpunk 2077: CDPR employees give journalists interesting insights into the development process

Jason Schreier has already written several investigative articles and is known for his relationships with various internal workers at well-known development studios, including, of course, Employees of CD Project RED. He already reported in October 2020 about the broken crunch promise from CDPR to his employees and even now he has probably dealt with more than 20 employees and ex-Employees about the development of Cyberpunk 2077 to chat. Many of them understandably want to remain anonymous so as not to endanger their careers. In the article writes Schreierthat CD Project RED according to statements from Employee focus on the marketing and development costs of Cyberpunk 2077 focused and therefore represented an unrealistic schedule that required loads of overtime long before the last push.

Of course I had CD Project RED during the development of Cyberpunk 2077 to struggle with many problems. ©

 The  game was announced in 2012, but the actual development probably only began in 2016 after ©

 The  Witcher 3 was considered completed. After Schreier and the opinion of Employee way too late because Cyberpunk 2077 was also developed on a new engine. An employee compares the development of Cyberpunk 2077 with the journey of a train, although the tracks are only just being laid.

One member of the team compared the process to trying to drive a train while the tracks are being laid in front of you at the same time. It might have gone more smoothly if the track-layers had a few months head start.

Jason Schreier

Next puts Jason Schreier the head of the studio, Adam Badowski, in the focus of his article. After his takeover as studio manager, almost everything should start Cyberpunk 2077 Changed and top developers have been fired because of this a different view of Cyberpunk 2077 had when Badowski. In addition, should CD Project RED Focused more on impressing people rather than actually delivering. Calls as an example Schreier the demo of Cyberpunk 2077 at the E3 in 2018 and referred to this as “Mostly fake”. Fans and Journalists were blown away by the demo, but many of the gameplay features shown were ultimately missing in the end product. Some developers also find the demo to be wasted time that they would have rather invested in actual game development.

Cyberpunk 2077: Terrible working conditions at CDPR for more profit

An exEmployee of CD Project RED, Adrian Jakubiak, spoke with Schreier and said that he often felt compelled to work massive overtime and sometimes toiled 13 hours straight for 5 days a week to meet the demands of managers. After getting married, he left that CD Project REDbecause of the extreme crunch conditions quite a few Employee lost their families. In addition, all the overtime was of no use, because development did not progress any faster despite everything. Based on the development progress, most employees expected a release in 2022, two years later than actually happened. Still, the leadership wanted Cyberpunk 2077 do not move any further to allow a “double dip”.

This shot clearly backfired, because instead of the successful one Release of Cyberpunk 2077 to celebrate and work on new DLCs and expansions CD Project RED now clear up the mess, deal with numerous problems publicly and under enormous pressure from investors and Fans deliver.

Cyberpunk 2077: Head of Studio defends himself against article statements

Shortly after Jason Schreier had published his article on Bloomberg, the otherwise rather silent head of the studio answered, Adam Badowskito speak on Twitter. This seems to be related to the article by Schreier totally disagree and gives his input on some topics that Schreier has cut. He has a particularly long explanation for the alleged “fake demo” at E3. Badowski writes in his tweet that the demo was by no means fake, but that there was a lot of content, such as the dumdum scene or car tracking, in Cyberpunk 2077 would have made it. In addition, it is quite normal that demonstrations are only a “vision” and that one therefore also has the watermark “work in progress”. After all, a game would only look like the end product a few months before release.

In addition, it is quite normal that shown features can disappear again in the course of development, after all, this is part of the creative process. Ultimately, the vision of the demo evolved into something that received several top marks for the PC version from renowned critics around the world. Of course the version is for the last gen Console generation “Another case, but we [CD Projekt RED, Anm. d. Red] […] work super hard to remove bugs “. Everything in all is Badowski according to their own statements so very proud and satisfied with Cyberpunk 2077 and would by no means describe the situation as disastrous.

Of course expressed himself Badowski also to the allegations that most Employee of CD Project RED believed that Cyberpunk 2077 for one Release was not ready in 2020. So he writes: “She [Jason Schreier, Anm. d. Red.] talked to 20 people, some of them former employees and only one who is not anonymous. I wouldn’t call that ‘most’ with over 500 employees. “

Adam Badowski seems from Jason Schreiers So article not to be particularly fond of it. After all, has Schreier Badowski replied directly to his tweet and invited him to comment on the other points of his article, but also adds that himself CD Project RED on request not to the facts opposite Schreier before the article went live. It remains to be seen whether Badowski or someone else from CD Project RED will also comment on the other points from the article or the discussion has now (for the time being) ended.

List of rubric lists: © CD Projekt Red / Twitter: @jasonschreier, @AdamBadowski / pixabay (Montage) / (first report from January 18, 2021)

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