Daniela Katzenberger: But a second child? Lucas Cordalis: “The subject is not quite off the table yet”


Will Daniela Katzenberger’s daughter Sophia remain an only child or not? Papa Lucas Cordalis finds a surprising answer to this question in an interview.

If Daniela Katzenberger (34) has his way, the case is clear: Sophia will remain an only child. In the social networks, the blonde reality TV queen has repeatedly made it clear that a second pregnancy is out of the question for her. Husband Lucas Cordalis (53) sees family planning a little differently. “The subject is not quite off the table yet,” the singer revealed, according to “gala.de” in an interview with “Closer”. So is there still hope for a sibling for daughter Sophia (5)?

For Daniela Katzenberger daughter Sophia is the whole pride. And the birth of the little one has completely turned the life of the cult blonde upside down. It’s time to indulge in memories. You can see which picture goes particularly to the heart in the video above.


Daniela Katzenberger
The big Christmas wish of your daughter Sophia
It is the second Christmas of Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis without Costa Cordalis († 75). In the BUNTE.de interview, she reveals the family’s holiday plans.

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Lucas Cordalis: He wants another child!

The singer makes no secret of his desire to have children. What headline would he most like to read about himself and his family? For Lucas Cordalis completely clear: “Daniela Katzenberger is pregnant again”. The 53-year-old family man receives support from his own daughter. Because she can’t wait to have a sibling. “She asks almost every day,” said Lucas in an interview. “However, she would like to have a big sister.”

That’s why Daniela Katzenberger doesn’t want to get pregnant

On Instagram, Daniela Katzenberger had taken a clear position on the issue of offspring. She recently wrote that she would “probably never be pregnant again”, but that she was happy with everything she had and that she didn’t want to exhaust it. In addition, the cat has set completely different resolutions for the new year.

However, Lucas does not give up hope. “Well, that would be really nice,” he reveals in the interview and explains that the last word on baby planning has not yet been spoken. Will the parents still come to an agreement?

Maybe Daniela Katzenberger wants to sniff a bit of reality TV at the moment before it goes to the offspring. In any case, she felt very comfortable with “The Masked Singer”, as you can see in the video below.

Nach The Masked Singer:

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