Data published by 2.3 million users of the dating portal


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Private data of almost 2.3 million users of a dating platform were published in a hacker forum. According to ZDNet, it is the MeetMindful portal. According to the operators, critical data such as payment information should not have been made public, but the name, date of birth, e-mail address, place of residence, body details, IP address or encrypted passwords of users.

Nevertheless, there is a risk of what is known as “sextortion”. Criminals use data from dating portals, including images and videos, to blackmail users. By paying a ransom, you can prevent the data from being passed on to family or work colleagues.

Photos and messages are not included in this case. © The  data should also be over 6 months old and only a part of the users affected.

Security gap closed

In total, it is a 1.2 GB file that is still available for download in the hacker forum. © The  article is said to have been viewed over 1,500 times – how often the file was downloaded is unclear. © The  security gap has been closed and the security measures increased. © The  operators advise users to also change their passwords.

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Data published million users dating portal


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