Deceptive packaging at Kaufland: outraged customer posts photo of sausage online – “Do you have …?”


Kaufland: A customer publishes a photo of his recently purchased cold cuts on the Internet – and gets a lot of laughs for it. Why the supermarket is now apologizing:

  • Kaufland *: A customer opens a pack of sausage – and can hardly believe his eyes.
  • When he published a photo of the “sham package” on the Internet, he had the laughs on his side.
  • Kaufland responds immediately – and apologizes for the mistake.

Neckarsulm – Supermarket customers are used to quality – after all, well-known chains like Kaufland everything to satisfy their customers with the products.  The  outrage is all the greater when an article is not entirely satisfactory. What a Kaufland customer however, now when he discovered one Sausage cold cuts opened, even makes the supermarket giant apologize. But instead of outrage, the photo triggers the Sham now rather amusement on the net, as reported by HEIDELBERG24 *. Kaufland, on the other hand, is extremely contrite.

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Kaufland: Customer puts sham packaging online: “Did you get the wrong packaging?”

“Just opened your pack of sausage. Did you get the wrong packaging? “the customer comments Photo of his cold cutshe went to the beginning of January Kaufland’s Facebook page represents. To see is an absolute Sham: Instead of Sausage with mushrooms the photo of the Kaufland product shows some slices of the cold cuts – with two tiny mushrooms in them. Admittedly, not quite what one would imagine the product to be. ©

 The  customer takes it with humor: “Should actually be called: ham sausage; may contain traces of mushrooms. ”

That supermarkets offer products from their manufacturers make a profit with mold packs want is not uncommon. ©

 The  Hambur consumer advice centerEvery year g therefore puts a voting online in which consumers can vote on the “sham package of the year” *. ©

 The re are five products to choose from, with Customers clearly ripped off will. ©

 The  sausage from Kaufland, who is now getting a lot of laughs online, sees however less like a deliberate trickery off but much more like a Production error. This is how Kaufland reacts to the customer photo:

Kaufland: ©

 The  customer gets a laugh with cold cuts – the supermarket giant apologizes immediately

A little later the amused one gives Kaufland customer the community a sausage update. ©

 The  more slices he took from the meat the less mushrooms namely were to be seen. Kaufland rules promptly – and is contrite. “That’s really not nice and we are very sorry!”comments the social media team under the sad sausage photo. “We would like to apologize for the quality of the ham sausage and would be happy to pass your request on to our customer management.” After the disappointed mushroom fan has forwarded the further data of the product to the Kaufland team, he should certainly get a refund have – hopefully with more mushrooms.

One Mega-Fail Recently, the drugstore chain dm. When ordering an FFP2 mask online, the drugstore included cloisters for free * – much to the displeasure of a customer. Because the Toilet stones gave off such a strong odorthat the expensive mask became unusable for her. On Facebook, dm reacted immediately to this FFP2 mask fail. (kab) * HEIDELBERG24 is part of the Ippen-Digital network

Rubriklistenbild: © picture alliance/dpa / Screenshot Facebook

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Deceptive packaging Kaufland outraged customer posts photo sausage online


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