Der Bergdoktor: After postponement – media library is already showing new episode


 The  audience’s reactions to the announcement of the program change were quite different. Almost everyone was disappointed. Some really pissed off: “Cheeky! Once again, the sport is more important …”, it says on Facebook, or others become clearer: “What is the s ***** here? Thursday is Bergdoktor and not by some handballsch *** e replaced! ”


 The re are also users who convey: “Come back down again. ©

 The re are also people who are happy that handball is broadcast.” ©

 The  audience argue about the question of media library or not. “If nobody, really nobody, would reveal how things are going to proceed, then you could actually wait until next week”, writes one user, “Unfortunately I can’t wait that long and still have to look at the media library”, another.


 The  following broadcast dates:

This is how the series continues:

Thursday, 4.2. “Enemy in the head”

On February 11 “Der Bergdoktor” pauses regularly for Kölle Alaaf – ©

 The  girls’ session

Thursday, February 18 “Fire”

Thursday, February 25 “Bitter tears”

Thursday, March 4th “Breathless”

Thursday, March 11th “A thousand and one days”

Do., 18.3. “Everything different”

“Der Bergdoktor” runs on ZDF on Thursdays at 8.15 p.m.

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Der Bergdoktor postponement media library showing episode


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