Deutsche Telekom: users report malfunction


Many Deutsche Telekom customers are currently reporting a malfunction. However, only users of a certain offer are affected.

According to general interference, there is currently a malfunction at Deutsche Telekom. © The  problems started this morning and the number of fault reports is increasing continuously.

However, this is not a widespread failure of telephony or Internet access; according to user reports, only “Cloud PBX” is affected by the failure. According to Telekom’s self-description, Cloud PBX is a “telephone system from the cloud”. Cloud PBX consists of connection, telephone tariff, internet, cloud telephone system and mobile extensions. © The  users can be reached anytime and anywhere under one number. Or not, like now.

According to general interference, only a few metropolitan areas such as Frankfurt, Munich or Düsseldorf are affected. First and foremost, users complain that their landline internet connection is disrupted, and some also complain that they can no longer make calls over the landline.

Affected users who called the Telekom hotline report the following: “Cloud PBX is down – nationwide problem according to the Telekom hotline.” Or “Hamburg Bahrenfeld, CloudPBX has a total failure.” And “I just called Telekom. CloudPBX probably has a total failure. ”

This comment is a little more detailed: “CloudPBX goes in, outgoing …” Mailformed unaspected “appears on the display … Internet and SIP are there and accessible … Line measurement OK too … Germany-wide, several locations affected by us ! “. One angry user wrote: “Disaster – this is the second outage in 1 week. We are business customers. Have an extra LTE backup, which should step in when there is no internet. It does not work. Congratulations. © The  lady at the disturbance cannot help …. ”

On the

official Telekom Twitter page
there is currently nothing to read about the problems.

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Deutsche Telekom users report malfunction


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