“Devastating consequences” for tourism in Germany from Corona


The corona crisis hits the hotel industry in Germany with great severity. The number of overnight stays has dropped to a record low.

Travel restrictions and temporary overnight bans for private individuals in the corona pandemic hit the hotel industry in Germany with full force in 2020. According to initial estimates by the Federal Statistical Office, the number of overnight stays by travelers from Germany and abroad has fallen by 40 percent compared to the previous year to a record low of 299 million. This is the lowest level since all German results were available in 1992 with 318.4 million overnight stays at that time, as the Wiesbaden authority announced on Wednesday.

Temporary overnight bans for private travelers hit hotels, guest houses and other accommodation providers hard. There was also a lack of business travelers and international guests. Because of the pandemic, a number of trade fairs, conferences and other events had been canceled.

Massive slump in sales instead of another record year

The President of the Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga), Guido Zöllick, spoke of the devastating consequences of the pandemic for tourism in Germany and thus for the hospitality industry. He put the loss in sales from March to December 2020 at almost 40 billion euros. The industry has thus lost half of its sales.

The massive drops in overnight stays and sales as a result of the first lockdown in spring could not have been compensated for by a good summer season in some places. The industry has been in lockdown again since the beginning of November. Restaurants are closed to visitors and overnight stays in hotels are taboo again. Since December 16, many shops in Germany have also been closed again. This is intended to slow the spread of the corona virus.

Companies have their backs to the wall

According to a recently published survey by the German Hotel and Restaurant Association, around three quarters (75.5 percent) of restaurateurs and hoteliers fear for their existence. Every fourth company is therefore considering giving up operations. “Our companies have their backs against the wall. Despair and existential fears spread, ”said Zöllick. The promised financial aid should now reach the companies in full. At the same time, the association called for corrections to the aid programs.

The President of the German Tourism Association (DTV), Reinhard Meyer, criticized: “Neither in saving the tourism businesses nor in showing prospects has federal politics stood out so far”. Many jobs and livelihoods are meanwhile on the brink.

There is also a lack of business travelers and international guests

In November the number of overnight stays fell by 72.2 percent to 9.0 million compared to the same month last year. There was a similar decline in May with minus 75 percent. In April, shortly after the first lockdown began, the number of overnight stays was 89 percent lower than in the same month of the previous year.

According to the information, only just under 39,500 of the 52,200 statistically recorded accommodation establishments were open in November. The Wiesbaden statisticians take into account accommodations with at least ten beds. In 2019, tourism in Germany had achieved the tenth record year in a row. (dpa)

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Devastating consequences tourism Germany Corona


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