DFB Cup: FC Bayern is subject to Kiel


Sensation in Kiel: For the first time in 20 years, Bayern Munich were eliminated in the second round of the DFB Cup.

The Champions League winner lost to KSV Holstein 5-6 on penalties. After 120 minutes it was 2: 2 (2: 2, 1: 1). (The game for reading in the ticker)

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It is hardly surprising that after the embarrassment at Bayern, the mood ranged from disappointed to angry. Especially Thomas Müller pushed a lot of frustration, also poisoned a reporter.

SPORT1 captures the voices and reactions of ARD and Sky together:

Thomas Müller (player FC Bayern / in the ARD):

About his conclusion: “The bottom line is that we lost to an underdog from Kiel who put everything he had into the balance. They certainly did well. Nonetheless, we had a lot more from the game in the first half – it was So it wasn’t a cup sensation that had emerged here from the start. We had access from the start, we made the mistakes in the details. ”

When asked what the mood was like in the cabin: “You’re laughing here now. Of course you laughed! What do you think? We’re of course served.”

Thomas Müller from FC Bayern was not very amused about some of the reporter’s questions © ARD

Over the gate to 1: 1:“We’ve been talking about the first goal all the time – those kinds of goals! We also had many chances to win the game in extra time, it was like ping-pong in a five-a-side.”

Hansi Flick (coach FC Bayern / in the ARD): “Of course it’s a shock. We are enormously disappointed. At 1-1 it was of course the same pattern again. We have to close the center in such situations. We didn’t do that. The team showed great morale. They determined the game. All the more annoying, of course, that we had to accept the 2-2 in the last second. The boxing line-up wasn’t ideal either. That’s why you have to say congratulations to Kiel. They fought. It was a cup fight, which ultimately means the end for us. We have to tick that off now and do things better. We have a lot to do. ”

About the defensive: “We just have to train these things now. We have to see that we have a better defensive compactness and get more pressure on the ball. We have to start with the big picture, just cover the last row. We have to analyze it well and work it up. ”

About the consequences of defeat: “I didn’t really need it now either. Ultimately, we have to live with the result as it is now. We just have to see that we get on track now. There is no excuse that we had so many games recently. That It doesn’t matter. We showed today that we are able to set the pace for over 120 minutes. We have to make sure that we get more power on the opposing goal and defend better. ”

Bastian Schweinsteiger (TV expert and former Bayern player / in the ARD): “I think it’s a blow in the neck. You no longer have the opportunity to win the DFB Cup. Now a trophy that you would have liked to have is gone. The way the first goal came about is about it you can speak with certainty. That has happened very often. You can already see a certain process at Bayern Munich, which unfortunately emerged in the last few games. You have to work on correcting these mistakes. It was not sovereign, you have to play to zero again. ”

Ole Werner (trainer Holstein Kiel / in the ARD): “I’ve just met a lot of confused people in the dressing room. It’s an extraordinary experience and something that will be remembered for many years. We got into the situations we had imagined. We were brave, that was the key to gaining a foothold in the game. ”

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Fin Bartels (match winner at Hansa Rostock / in the ARD): “I was actually happy that Bayern had missed, so I had more of this positive pressure to be able to decide the thing and then it was a bit easier. With such a conviction – of course, we always got luck on penalties – we did it . What is missing a bit, of course, are the fans. That would of course have been a nicer evening. But an unforgettable evening. “

About the recipe for success against Bayern: “It was mentioned that there can always be rooms because Bayern are high. If we can achieve ball winners, we have to go behind them. That was the case in that case, but we also tried otherwise, to solve it playfully from behind. We succeeded very well and you didn’t just chase after. It’s always disgusting against Bayern. They are just a great team in terms of football, and they have incredible speed over the left in the 115th minute Costa and Davies. It’s always uncomfortable, but the key was that we had phases of possession ourselves and that meant we were always able to take the breaks.

Ioannis Gelios (Goalkeeper Holstein Kiel / at Sky): “Nobody here in Kiel, not a player, not a fan, not a person, will ever forget this evening. I didn’t even bother with the shooters. I just jumped to the left and I’m glad that it worked out that way in the end, that I (last penalty, editor’s note) also still held. That was the most important penalty I’ve saved so far and I’m really happy about it. ”

How he perceived Fin Bartels’ winning penalty: “To be honest, I didn’t look at all. I just waited for the cheers and that’s what happened in the end.”

Hauke ​​Wahl (player Holstein Kiel / at Sky): “In the second division it is almost more difficult without wanting to approach Bayern. The teams are now very low. We were pressed, that plays our part a bit. We have a lot of pressing situations from Bayern We had a solution. We worked that out beforehand and it worked out well. We’re a great band! “

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DFB Cup Bayern subject Kiel


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