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Djamila Rowe has trauma to this TV star’s penis


Djamila Rowe unwraps in the jungle show

Djamila Rowe (53) is one of the first It girls in Germany. It goes without saying that she has already experienced a lot in her life and, above all, seen it. One event will always stay in her memory: the penis of a TV star. It is “huge and it is always standing,” she explains in the big jungle show.

 The  Berliner reveals in the video who it is.

“He’s not under control”

When she took part in the nude format, she remembered a colleague and his best piece in particular, because: “It was huge and it is always standing”. Jungle show participant Xenia von Sachsen reacts directly disgusted. Djamila goes one better: “He’s not under control. You only need to touch his arm once, and he’ll stand like one.” ©

 The  princess can hardly believe it and finally says: “This is so disgusting!”

All videos from “I’m a Star – ©

 The  Great Jungle Show”

“I’m a Star – ©

 The  Great Jungle Show” on TVNOW

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Djamila Rowe trauma stars penis


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