Djamila Rowe is disgusted with Bastian Yotta’s best piece


 The  jungle show now has three new candidates. Djamila Rowe is one of them and she chats right at the beginning: A celebrity made a lasting impression on the reality actress with his best play.

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Xenia von Sachsen, Filip Pavlovic and Djamila Rowe moved into the Tiny House for “I’m a Star – ©

 The  Great Jungle Show”. ©

 The  latter has been in the spotlight for around 20 years, sometimes more, sometimes less, and accordingly has a lot to tell.

In 2017, for example, the now 53-year-old was in the dome show “Adam sucht Eva”. In the celebrity version of the program, Djamila took part with Bastian Yotta, among others. ©

 The  cornerstone of the format: All candidates get to know each other naked.


 The se days are still very much in the head of the Berliner. “I have trauma to a penis,” she begins. Your fellow candidates want to know more about that. “Yotta’s penis is huge and always stands up,” says Djamila. You can also see your report in the video or above here.

Bastian Yotta: The emigrant was there in 2017 "Adam is looking for Eve" with it.  (Source: imago images / focal distanceffm)Bastian Yotta: ©

 The  emigrant was part of “Adam sucht Eva” in 2017. (Source: imago images / focal distanceffm)

“He’s not under control”

“He didn’t have it under control,” assures the self-proclaimed party slut about Yotta and his best piece. “You only had to touch the arm once briefly and it was already there. That’s disgusting.” Xenia and Filip think so too, and so the topic of Yotta is quickly shelved.

Fortunately, Djamila has tons of other stories to tell. When the others want to know what she regrets in her life, she replies: “Topless bunting parties with Jürgen Drews in her arms.” At the age of 30 she often showed herself half-naked at parties, but now she is 53 and doesn’t do anything like that anymore.

Breast surgeries and lips as trademarks


 The  reality star also likes to express herself through her famous lips. She gets a lot of negative comments about it, but the “rubber boat lips” are now her trademark. Djamila no longer knows how often she has had it injected: “I’ve had my lips done so often, I can’t put it into numbers. I’ve been doing it for so long,” she explains.

On the other hand, she had “only” operated on her breasts four times. “My coolest breast operation was in Switzerland in the open air on a boat,” she says. “©

 The  doctor specialized in open air. That was without general anesthesia,” says Djamila. It won’t get boring with this lady that quickly.

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Djamila Rowe disgusted Bastian Yottas piece


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