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 The  next sex talk in the flat share house!

On Sunday evening, a new “jungle show” trio moved to the Tiny House in tranquil Hürth-Efferen: Filip Pavlovic (26), Xenia von Sachsen (34) and Djamila Rowe (53).

Right at the beginning Djamila opened: “I am the mother of all sluts!”, Because she finally became known through her alleged affair with the ambassador Thomas Borer (63).

Since then, a lot has changed for her, especially physically: “My breasts are done, my nose, this is botox and now I have hyaluronic acid for turkey necks.”

Jungle test “The latest craze”: While Filip Pavlovic and Djamila Rowe (right) look a little anxious into the pits, Xenia von Sachsen is relatively relaxed

Jungle test “©

 The  latest craze”: While Filip Pavlovic and Djamila Rowe (right) look a little anxious into the pits, Xenia von Sachsen is relatively relaxedPhoto: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Filip was enthusiastic about his two colleagues and immediately started a “deep talk” with Djamila – which got down to business after a short time!


 The  self-proclaimed “ambassador slut” had already participated in the nude format “Adam sucht Eva” in 2017 and came across a not entirely unknown reality star: Bastian Yotta (44). Djamila remembered Yotta and his big, little friend with a shudder: “©

 The re was a trauma, a drama experience with a penis. Yotta’s penis … “Even this sentence caused a moment of shock for Xenia, who couldn’t hide her disgust:” Disgusting? I already thought that it was disgusting … “

But Djamila did not let herself be stopped from continuing to report on Yotta’s best piece and went into the penis detail: “Huge big. And it is always there. He’s not in control! I suffered a trauma from that. You only had to touch it briefly on the arm and it was there! “

As if that wasn’t enough, Ms. Rowe immediately delivered the next horror story. One of her breast operations did not take place in a clinic, but on the sea: “My coolest operation was on a yacht, open air. It was without general anesthesia, only with sedatives. That’s when I noticed how they cut me open. “But not only that, this action even led to a police operation:” After that, everyone was arrested. ©

 The  police were standing at the port because the captain didn’t know what we were operating. He thought it was a gunshot wound! “

After these horror reports, the jungle test was almost child’s play. In the game “©

 The  Last Scream” the three candidates had to reach into a “hellhole” with disgusting animals and pull out a wooden plate with a term. This term then had to be explained, albeit screaming. A certain number of decibels could not be fallen below.

After all, the three achieved six stars and fight for the “golden ticket” to the jungle camp over the next two days.

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