Dominic Thiem and Lili Paul-Roncalli make the relationship official


Cologne –

It has been whispered for weeks, but now the romance is no longer secret but public. The Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem (27) and the Cologne circus queen Lili Paul-Roncalli (22) are deeply in love.

Dominic Thiem and Lili Paul-Roncalli are a couple

Both posted a photo together in their Instagram story. The two have each other in front of a campfire, the photo is also provided with a red heart.

The proof of love in the Instagram story: Lili Paul-Roncalli and Dominic Thiem make their love public.

The circus artist Lili Paul-Roncalli is the daughter of Bernhard Paul (73, co-founder of the Roncalli circus, headquartered in Cologne). She has been training with the circus artists since she was six and has been performing since she was 13.

Lili recently made headlines, as if “Let’s Dance” won alongside Massimo Sinato (40).

Dominic Thiem and Lili Paul-Roncalli should see each other more often since October

How she met the tennis star from Austria is not known. Allegedly, they should have met repeatedly since October. Thiem is said to have visited Lili often in Cologne.

The management of the two did not want to comment on the first rumors that arose in Austria. But the photo says more than a thousand words.

After Thomas Muster and Jürgen Melzer, Thiem is only the third Austrian to make it into the top 10 in the tennis world rankings. In 2020 he won the US Open, his first Grand Slam tournament. Before him, the only pattern that had succeeded was the one that, as an Austrian, won the French Open in Paris in 1995.

Dominic Thiem won 4.9 million euros in 2020

Thiem is currently third in the world rankings. In 2020 he won around 4.9 million euros in prize money.

His statement shortly before Christmas showed how happy he is at the moment: “We are looking back on a curious year, Corona whirled the whole world upside down, but from a sporting point of view, 2020 was really sensational for me. I started the season with my entry into the final of the Australian Open and ended the year with the final at the Masters in London. Of course, my title at the US Open in mid-September outshone everything. In New York, I was able to fulfill my childhood dream with the first Grand Slam title – indescribable moments! So there is no question: My best Christmas present under the Christmas tree this year is the US Open Cup. ”

The love for Lili Paul-Roncalli should now be an even bigger gift.

But the quiet days will soon be over: Thiem will fly to Melbourne on January 13th, then the fine-tuning for the Australian Open will begin in quarantine under strict security measures.

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Dominic Thiem Lili PaulRoncalli relationship official


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