Donald Trump arrives in Florida – he is immediately working on a comeback


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Will Donald Trump run again? © The  ex-president wants to know if Republicans want to block a return. Joe Biden also gets his fat off.

  • Donald Trump resigns from the presidency and follows suit Florida.
  • Im „Sunshine State“ plant Trump already a possible one Comeback.
  • Trump News: All the news on the former President the USA can be found here at a glance.

Palm Beach – Just before Joe Biden when 46th President of the United States was sworn in is Donald Trump with Air Force One in Florida landed. Inglorious had become Trump from the White house adopted. Biden’s predecessor still speaks of electoral fraud and publicly claims the rightful winner of the US election 2020 to be. After rioting by his radical supporters: inside the Kapitol and in a historic second impeachment trial Donald Trump as the most controversial president into US history. But with the one extremely memorable term of office, it will Donald Trump apparently not left.

Is Donald Trump already planning his comeback? Ex-President speaks on the phone with confidants

Hardly in Mar-a-Lago arrived, should Donald Trump have already made several calls, as two insiders “© The  Daily Beast” announced on Wednesday. © The  ex-president I inquired about the impeachment process and asked if MPs from the Republican Party would vote for Trump to be excluded from office forever.

In addition, wanted Donald Trump know which lawyers im for a defense senate would be particularly suitable. © The  proceedings have not yet arrived there, but the 100 senators will soon decide whether or not Trump is guilty of deliberately causing a riot in his testimony Kapitol to have instigated. Incitement to “lawless actions” is not protected by the freedom of expression established by the first amendment to the constitution. 17 party colleagues Trump would have to agree to the impeachment for it to be effective.

Donald Trump and his family have arrived in Florida. From here, the ex-president is planning a possible comeback.


Donald Trump arrives in Florida – and is considering a comeback

In his last 48 hours in office Donald Trump his confidante was also informed that he would continue to run for office again as a US President consider – provided it is not forbidden by the Senate. “You still love me,” he reportedly said on Tuesday about the Republican electorate. His former employees and government officials kept making comments about a possible one Comeback however back. Dan Coats, Trump’s ex-director of intelligence will “not delve into any of these things.” Instead, he looks hopefully into the future that the new US administration can cope with the corona pandemic.

I have more confidants Donald Trump on the way to Florida “Like a depressed or at least a bit broken man”, despite his smile for the cameras and his fans. © The  Inauguration of Joe Biden he always kept an eye on. “I thought he looked a little sad. It was definitely a very emotional morning, ”said Stephen Moore, a business advisor and confidante of the ex-President. “People are sad that he’s leaving. Those were his true supporters. ”Moore also expects that“ Trumpism ”will continue to play an important role in the future Republican Party will play.

“Depressed” Donald Trump taunts Joe Biden

Had to say goodbye Donald Trump and his government proudly looked back on the past four years. But already made in his first hours in office Joe Biden reversed several decisions made by his predecessor – a sign for Trump’s advisory board that their political contributions are being made USA not never be preserved. Although, or because for Donald Trump At the moment everything is going wrong, what can go wrong, he could get further taunts against himself Joe Biden don’t hold back. His inauguration would be “boring”. Trump is also unsure whether his successor would even make it through the inaugural address without getting confused. (Lukas Rogalla)

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Donald Trump arrives Florida immediately working comeback


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