Donald Trump made 30,573 false statements in four years, according to the media report


Even the first day in office, Donald Trump exposed as a head of state who has a special relationship with truth and facts. Where there was none when he was inaugurated, he spoke of a “huge” crowd that it was raining during his first address to the nation, the former US president denied shortly afterwards.
 The  Washington Post has now taken stock – and comes to 30,573 false or misleading statements that Trump made within four years. ©

 The  untruths were documented by the “Fact Checker”, a section that the newspaper introduced ten years ago to check the accuracy of statements made by politicians.

Five months for ten thousand false statements

Trump with his “unusually blatant disrespect for facts”, however, presented the team with a “new challenge.” In addition, the number of false statements made by Trump has increased over time.

According to the newspaper, Trump initially made six false or misleading statements a day in his first year in office. ©

 The n the president increased himself further and finally came to 39 such false statements daily in the last year of office. “It took him 27 months to get 10,000 statements and another 14 months to get to 20,000. ©

 The n it passed the 30,000 mark in less than five months. “

Same lies – different subjects


 The  topics Trump spread lies about changed over the years. In times of distress, the former US president tended to conjure up an “alternative reality” for his supporters or to attack political opponents. According to the Washington Post, what Trump spread at election campaign events or on his Twitter account, which has now been banned, was particularly untruthful.

Trump achieved a sad peak performance with false statements about the corona virus and the corona pandemic. ©

 The  »fact checkers« identified 2,500 untruths on this topic alone. ©

 The re was only a short break for around six days when Trump himself fell ill with Covid-19. Recovered, it continued with an average of 150 false statements per day.

According to the newspaper, one thing is certain: Trump’s “constant lying through the presidential megaphone” ensured that more Americans than ever were skeptical of real facts, the “Post” quotes a historian. And Trump also leaves a legacy on the paper. ©

 The  fact checks of his statements add up to almost five million words.
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