Donald Trump makes one last attempt to reverse the result of the 2020 US election


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How far was Donald Trump ready to go in the fight against the US election? Research by the “New York Times” makes it clear.

  • Donald Trump fought against the result of the 2020 US election until the end.
  • Ultimately, his resistance did not lead to success. On January 6, 2021, Joe Biden’s victory was confirmed in US-Senat approved.
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Update from January 24, 2021, 8 a.m.: ©

 The  lawyer whose idea of ​​the late coup against the US election was, and Donald Trump already have a common past. Jeffrey Clark It was who in 2019 ensured that the Justice Department came to the aid of the then President in a legal dispute with Jean Carroll. Carroll, a columnist from New York, accuses Trump of raping her in a clothing store in Manhattan decades ago.

Donald Trump rejected the allegations. Clark filed suit against that US presidents for defamation. ©

 The  Justice Department took over the defense of Trump – a controversial decision that was justified at the time by the fact that Trump had acted “in the context of his office as President”.

Donald Trump and the Justice Department – one helped the other

Executive attorney was said Jeffrey Clark. This emerges from court documents that the US Internet portal “Daily Beast” has evaluated. Years later, Clark would come up with a plan for how Donald Trump the result of US election could turn around at the last moment.

Donald Trump is making one final attempt to reverse the outcome of the 2020 US election. (Archive photo)

© CNP Pool/Media Punch/Imago Images

Carroll wrote down on Friday Twitter about Clark: “That’s the sucker who […] has said it’s the president’s job to slander women. ©

 The  Trump presidency was corrupt through and through from the start. “

Donald Trump: Justice Department should help him fight the US election

First report from January 23, 2021: New York – An investigative story from the New York Times once again casts a dark shadow over the government Donald Trump and its end. As the US newspaper reports, the Elected President worked with one of his lawyers on a plan to use the Justice Department to see the outcome of the US election 2020 still to change.

Donald Trump: A coup should turn the result of the US election around

Donald Trump is said to have put his late Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen (r.) Under pressure because of the US election (archive picture).



 The  goal was clear: the Election victory of Joe Biden should be voided with the help of the US Department of Justice. Started in Georgia. Donald Trump expected, according to the report, that the attorney general would award him, as a compliant executor, victory in Swing State Georgia and then in Pennsylvania. But the one he used William Barr was unwilling to be met by Trump and his lawyers, by name Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powellto investigate alleged electoral fraud that has been presented and has no content. Barr therefore submitted his resignation on December 14, 2020.

As his successor continued Donald Trump Jeffrey A. Rosen a. It was the fourth Minister of Justice, which Trump installed in just four years in office. For comparison: Barack Obama had just two ministers of justice in eight years. Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan even got along with a Justice Minister.

All Justice Ministers under Donald Trump

Justice Minister under Donald Trump
Jeff Sessions 2017-2018
Matthew G. Whitaker 07.11.2018 – 14.02.2019
William Barr 14.02.2019 – 23.12.2020
Jeffrey A. Rosen since December 24th, 2020 (executive in office)

No sooner was Rosen in office, according to the New York Times report, with the demands of Donald Trump faced. And at first the new Minister of Justice also appeared to be a compliant executor of the president who was still in office. That demanded just before the end of the year Ministry of Justice urged a federal judge to put pressure on Vice President Mike Pence. Pence should be his position as president of US-Senats use to doubt the result of the electorate and ultimately not to recognize it. ©

 The  deputy refused, a lawsuit against him failed and on January 6th, Pence confirmed the election victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Donald Trump’s last attempt to reverse the election fails

But shortly before that should Donald Trump have made one last desperate attempt at the outcome of the US election 2020 to turn back and still come out of the matter victorious. As the “New York Times” reports, Jeffrey Clark, a lawyer employed by the Justice Department, is said to have presented Trump with such a plan. But the acting Justice Minister Rosen reportedly refused to implement this plan. Trump is said to have reacted as he always reacted: fire roses, appoint a new attorney general.

Donald Trump is said to have urged the Justice Department to question the result of the US election (archive image).

© Martin H. Simon / imago

However, because several senior officials dem US presidents threatened to resign if he should actually fire Rosen Donald Trump Deviated from his plan at the last moment. But not before he insists the two opponents, Rosen and Clark Oval Office im White house invited. ©

 The re they were supposed to verbally fight the matter in front of Trump’s eyes, a situation that two sources told the newspaper with an episode from the reality TV show “©

 The  Apprentive“Compared with which Trump once achieved national fame. (Daniel Dillmann)

Rubriklistenbild: © CNP Pool/Media Punch/Imago Images

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Donald Trump attempt reverse result election


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