DOOM developer id Software is apparently making a VR game


 The  original DOOM from 1993 and his buddy Wolfenstein 3D from 1992 are known for taking PC games away from the side-scrolling platform and into a shooter-heavy third dimension. Now, in 2021, it appears that DOOM Developer id Software set his eyes on creating a game for VR.

id Software has long been known for creating groundbreaking, difficult first-person shooters. Doom creators broke up out of sheer frustration John romero once his own keyboard than he Quake played, another game he helped develop. © The  company that is now owned by Bethesda Softworks has also been looking at reboots, having revived both DOOM and Quake in recent years. However, the company has never dealt much with the topic of virtual reality before.

Is id Software developing a DOOM VR?

It appears that the id Software team was secretly working on something when they submitted a rating for the Australian classification on Jan. 22 for a project described as a virtual reality computer game. © The  project, which at the time was only called PROJECT 2021A known was rated 18+, citing high impact violence, high impact issues, and mild impact language. DOOM has long been known as one of the most brutal games ever made. So this rating of 18+ should come as no surprise to longtime fans. What came as a surprise, however, is that id Software works on a virtual reality game at all.


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Left back in 2013 John Carmack, Co-founder of id Software, the company when he felt he couldn’t work on VR projects if he stayed. While it is unknown whether this new virtual reality game will be part of the DOOM series or something entirely new, it appears to contain the same violence.

Gives DOOM VFR From 2017 was the VR counterpart to DOOM 2016, it is possible that this new VR foray could be the headset-required counterpart to last year’s DOOM Eternal is. Since the franchise is more popular than ever (there are Doom skins in Fall Guys), it certainly makes sense to try a DOOM VR.

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DOOM developer Software apparently making game


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