Doubtful Herrmann as strong as a bear: biathlon women inspire at home

Doubtful Herrmann as strong as a bear: biathlon women inspire at home

Doubtful Herrmann strong as a bear
Biathlon women inspire at home

 The  German biathletes work their way through the World Cup winter more badly than well, especially top runner Denise Herrmann has a hard time. But the team can cheer at the relay race in Oberhof – especially because Herrmann shows a very strong performance.
After the relieving first relay victory in almost two years, the German biathletes fell into each other’s arms at the finish. After only five spare rounds, the quartet of Vanessa Hinz, Janina Hettich, Denise Herrmann and Franziska Preuß surprisingly won the home World Cup in Oberhof on Saturday. Four weeks before the World Cup in Pokljuka / Slovenia, the vice-world champion relegated the team from Belarus to second place after a strong team performance with a 17.4-second lead. Sweden finished third.

For the first time in 13 years, a DSV women’s relay won again in Thuringia. “It’s mega awesome! It’s really so good for the whole team that everything went well today. Each of us soaks it up and we appreciate it,” said Preuss: “I’m personally super relieved and just happy. ” After much criticism and a turbulent season so far, the ski hunters showed their full potential again.

First win in almost two years

In the previous two relay races this winter, it had only been enough for the podium once when the team finished third in Kontiolahti. Germany’s last victory comes from February 2019 at the World Cup in Canmore, Canada. Hinz and Herrmann were already there, but the last runner was the retired Olympic champion Laura Dahlmeier.

One day after finishing fifth in the German men’s relay, starting runner Hinz made a strong start and brought all of her ten shots safely to the finish. ©

 The  28-year-old vice world champion in singles handed over to Hettich in fourth place, the youngest in the team at 24. ©

 The  sports soldier confidently cleared all targets in prone shooting and was in fourth place after three spare rounds in a standing position. Hettich still had to let Russia pass by and sent Herrmann onto the trail in fifth place.


 The  ex-world champion was also concentrated and only needed two extra cartridges – in contrast to the competition. Both long-term winner Tiril Eckhoff from Norway and Justine Braisaz-Bouchet from France had to go twice to the penalty loop and fell far behind. Herrmann, on the other hand, invested the last of his strength on her final lap and handed over to Preuss in second just behind Belarus. ©

 The  26-year-old from Bavaria showed her whole class when shooting and was able to keep Elena Krutschinkina from Belarus at a distance.


 The  reward was only the second win of the season for Germany’s ski hunters. ©

 The  women hadn’t managed to do this before, only Arnd Peiffer had prevailed in the mass start in Hochfilzen in December. At the end of the two-week World Cup in Thuringia on Sunday (from 12.30 p.m. / ARD and Eurosport) there will be the last chances of podium places in the mass start. In the men’s category, Benedikt Doll, Erik Lesser and Peiffer have qualified for the competition of the 30 best ski hunters in the world. For women, Preuss, Herrmann, Hettich and Maren Hammerschmidt are there.

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Doubtful Herrmann strong bear biathlon women inspire home


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