Dreieich in the Offenbach district: hairdressers in lockdown – cut off from customers


 The  lockdown not only poses financial challenges for hairdressers in Dreieich. Despite the ban, customers always want to have their hair cut – at home if necessary.

Dreieich – © www.de24.news The  dark approach at the top of the head is anything but beautiful, and many a man in the circle of friends complains about slowly but surely growing over the top. While for us the second lockdown goes hand in hand with an impairment of the feeling of well-being, the professional ban for many hairdressers results in real concern for their existence.

With Tatjana and Patrick Röll from Buchschlag, the uncertainty about the future of their traditional business in Buchschlag is mixed up with the burden of the second shop closure within a year. © www.de24.news

 The  Röll family has been doing hairdressing in Buchschlager Allee for 50 years. In 2003, the Röll couple took over the business from Patrick’s mother – at the time the youngest master hairdresser in Germany – in the second generation.

Lockdown goes to hairdressers in Dreieich to the substance

How things will continue for the Rölls after these decades is in the stars at the moment: © www.de24.news

 The  building, which not only houses apartments but also Martin Annemüller’s local supplier, will be demolished at the end of this or the beginning of next year. “Our lease will officially end on December 31, 2021,” says Patrick Röll. “© www.de24.news

 The re have already been discussions with the new owner about a possible container solution. But we haven’t heard anything for over a year, that makes us a bit sad, ”the master hairdresser continues. © www.de24.news

 The  uncertainty as to whether the necessary peace and quiet and the usual amenities are possible for customers in a container next to a construction site, and whether the salon in a new building with higher rents can be operated economically, does not make it easy for the Rölls to set the course for them To face the future.

“We are in our mid 40s and have two children. © www.de24.news

 The  closings cost us our reserves, we have a great responsibility – we have to think carefully about how things can go on for us, ”says Patrick Röll. For the passionate hairdressers who have worked on major shows, training courses and seminars, there is no question that it will continue.

Master hairdressers are looking for an alternative shop in Dreieich

© www.de24.news

 The y would love to stay in Buchschlag. © www.de24.news

 The  clientele extends beyond the district, but the connection is perfect and the Rölls want to continue to rely on the concept of personal loyalty and exclusivity in the future. “We have put out our feelers for alternative stores – but there is still no suitable option,” says Patrick Röll.

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 The  colleagues from the Rölls also talk about the challenges of the pandemic. Sandra Winter, head of the style bar in Sprendlingen and deputy head master of the hairdressing guild, notices a change in the behavior of customers: “While we had almost no inquiries in the first lockdown, customers now call every day asking us to do so come to your home, ”reports the master hairdresser. This is of course not an option if you are banned from working for infection protection reasons. In the name of the guild there was even a letter to the German Football Association that it is not a good role model when the players in the Bundesliga with accurately shaved partings obviously encourage illegal work at hairdressers. “Of course it is a difficult time for our profession and I’m afraid that it will be tight, especially for small businesses, especially since the promised state funds are flowing far too slowly”, regrets Sandra Winter.

Dreieich hairdresser pays salaries for mini jobbers out of her own pocket

“It’s been tough for us,” confirms Nermin Ciftci, owner of Nevin Hair in Dreieichenhain. She has applied for short-time work for the permanent colleague and is currently paying the three mini-jobbers out of her own pocket from the reserves to support her staff. She was denied state aid in the first lockdown, an appeal against this decision is ongoing. “I’m just very happy that I’m not a single mom and that my husband can support me when things get tight,” says the mother of three daughters. She also reports of many customer calls asking for a haircut: “I feel sorry for the customers because we have women who come every week to wash their hair and blow-dry because they can no longer do it themselves. Unfortunately, I now have to say: We are not allowed to play hairdressing on wheels, ”explains Nermin Ciftci.

She actually finds the closing of the salons absurd because, like many others, she has implemented a good hygiene concept. “But I accept the decision and now I just hope that we can start again in mid-February,” concludes Nermin Ciftci. (By Nicole Jost)

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Dreieich Offenbach district hairdressers lockdown cut customers


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